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Legal Business Contract Review & Checking Services

SMEs deal with people and other businesses on a daily basis. This means that SMEs must deal with business contracts all the time. Clients, suppliers, employees, investors, landlords, tenants, consultants and partners – you had, have or will have business contracts with them.

If you are not sure if the draft the other party prepared is fair to you or if you don’t know if a template you used includes everything you want to cover, our lawyers can review your contracts and ensure they are the business contracts you need and provide legal document templates.

Our contract review services are very easy to use and they start at £149 + VAT. 

Upload your business contract to our platform and get our lawyers to review it for you. 


Our expert LawBrief Lawyers will check whether your contract:

  • Meets the needs of your business
  • Reflects what you have agreed
  • Is clear and unambiguous
  • Your key rights and obligations
  • Complies with the current law and regulations (including GDPR)

All LawBriefs lawyers are UK qualified, insured, regulated & experienced in all business legal matters.

You can find more about the some of the key contracts for your business here:

In need of commercial contract advice?

We draft, advise on, negotiate, and review all manner of commercial contracts. While we have very extensive and specific expertise in certain industry sectors, many of the contracts that we review on a daily basis can be applicable to all industries. A few examples of the types of agreements that we frequently deal with are: Confidentiality Agreement/NDA, Consultant Agreement & IR35,  Employment Contracts, Commercial Property Lease Agreements, Software/App Development Agreement, Software Licence Agreement, Shareholder Agreement, Supply of Services Contract, and Website Terms and Conditions

How can the LawBriefs help?

Our expert contract lawyers provide you with all the business legal advice and documents you need. We can also give guidance on the right documents to use for any situation.

Call us on

020 7148 1066

or complete the form to set up your free consultation.

How much does it cost to check and review a contract?

Prices start at £149+VAT for contracts up to 20 pages. Get in touch for a free quote.

Upload Your Business Contract

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Meet our contract review and checking lawyers

Business contract lawyers have the specialised knowledge and skills necessary to clearly interpret complex contractual language, so it’s always a good idea to consult a lawyer before you sign on the dotted line. There are many different types of legal contracts. Some commercial contracts, including sales agreements and buy-sell agreements, set up the exchange of goods or assets. Other contracts, like independent contractor agreements and affiliate agreements, create a framework for an important working relationship. Our contract lawyers have extensive experience conducting legal audits, drafting and interpreting and interpreting various forms of legal agreements. If you or your business need help to create or formalise a business contract, find out how LawBite can help.


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