The BIG problem we're solving

When they have a legal issue, SMEs tell us that they find traditional law is hard to navigate, it can be a very cumbersome process to get a legal matter solved and often, full of hidden charges.

Our research shows that SMEs across the UK lose out to the tune of £13bn every year by not addressing their legal issues. Other recent market studies have shown that less than 10% of businesses in the UK believe that their legal provider is providing good value for money.

This is just not a UK phenomena, it is evident in nearly every country around the world. We believe that great legal advice, high on quality but low on cost, is a fundamental business right.

Legal marketplace

The UK has 6 million SMEs and on average, they each face 8 legal problems every year; dealing with a contract dispute, managing changes in staffing, launching a new business or funding its growth, licensing software, leasing commercial premises and registering a trademark are common ways a LawBite lawyer, solicitor and mediator help SMEs.

Making it easier to access legal advice, ensuring it is faster and cheaper but still of the highest quality, represents a big challenge that needs a modern approach. Technology has played a big role in successfullly transforming industries such as banking and travel with vastly improved experiences. The legal sector is on this revolutionary path, with law-tech the catalyst for structural change.

LawBite has built a legal marketplace that democratises how law is delivered to businesses, streamlining the connection between SMEs with a legal issue and addressed by our high quality lawyers, solicitors and mediators.

Our promise is that the LawBite experience will be:

  • Easier to access expert legal advice
  • Smoother and clearer to understand
  • Much more affordable

LawBite lies at the heart of this marketplace with an advanced platform, combining the latest on-line tools such as the first client-lawyer app and advanced data science to make the experience more efficient, consistent and reliable. Alongside using data to anticipate client needs, the new benchmark in many leading tech services we interact with today, this means that the LawBite legal marketplace can deliver customised legal help for SMEs, but at usually half the cost of comparable lawyers.

Expert legal advice for your business

Uniquely, we have our own law firm sitting on our platform - LawBriefs. This means that you can be confident that work undertaken is regulated and insured by the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority).

Should you need help from an expert business lawyer, solicitor or mediator, you are safe in the knowledge they will have an average of 10+ years post qualification experience.

If you are a sole trader, partnership or company. Whether your business is just starting out, on a growth path or preparing to exit. LawBite has the high quality legal expertise your business needs.

LawBite raises the bar

Simplicity is at the core of what we do and even more necessary as workforces become distributed and supply chains more complex, making the chances of a legal issue occurring increase substantially.

Our platform will make everything about the law transparent to address your business issues, providing you with legal advice that you can rely on. 

  • Personal dashboard: you will have a personal dashboard, detailing all of your active cases and provide secure storage for all your important documents
  • Clear milestones: for each piece of legal work underway, you will have a detailed timeline that our team will work to
  • Secure messaging: communications between the client and lawyers is simple to use on our portal, whether accessing from a computer of the first of its kind, client-lawyer app
  • Safe payments: these can be easily made on the platform -  you will be safe in the knowledge that payments can be made using a secure processing solution
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Expert legal advice in 3 easy steps

LawBite is committed to delivering high-quality legal advice with no hidden extra charges. Our straightforward legal advice process will help get your legal matters resolved quickly and cost-effectively.

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How can LawBite help?

Our LawBriefs can provide expert guidance and reassurance, whether you are bringing or defending a legal claim, or resolving a dispute using Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods like Mediation and Arbitration.

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