Starting a charity or running an existing not-for-profit, trust or social enterprise is fulfilling but can be challenging. Charity law and governance dictate its own unique set of requirements that every charitable organisation must adhere to.

Navigating the the charity sector, including forming a new charity, expressing your charity’s purposes in accordance with the law and complying with charity laws and regulations can be daunting. On top of this, you will also have to deal with the general legal hurdles that every business faces such as employment, property, data protection and intellectual property.

At LawBite, we’re not like other charity law firms. We understand that charity law can be complex, but we believe in providing practical solutions. We work closely with charities of all sizes, guiding them through legal challenges whilst providing clear advice. 

Our team of experienced charity lawyers have a deep understanding of charity law, the Charity Commission, and the legal nuances that impact charities in England and Wales.

We have created a number of affordable fixed-priced packages below to help you with forming and running a charity.

Formation (Registration)


Starting a charity involves numerous legal steps. Our experienced charity lawyers understand the Charity Commission's requirements inside out. We'll guide you through the entire registration process, ensuring your application is comprehensive, compliant and well-prepared. From drafting your constitution to advising on trustees' responsibilities, we'll be with you every step of the way.
Formation (No registration)


If you're not seeking support with registration, we can still provide guidance on the documentation required. Our legal experts can help you establish a constitution that aligns with your charity's mission and values. We'll help draft governance documents tailored to your needs, enabling your charity to operate effectively.
HMRC registration


Understanding tax implications is crucial for charities. Our team specialises in guiding charities through HMRC registration. We'll ensure you're registered with HMRC correctly, maximising your fundraising potential and ensuring compliance with tax regulations.
Governance health check review


Strong governance is the cornerstone of a successful charity. Our experts will conduct a comprehensive review of your governance framework, Articles of Association and policies. We'll identify areas for improvement, provide practical recommendations and empower you to enhance your charity's overall effectiveness.
Update governance


Charity law is constantly evolving. Our legal team stays up-to-date with the latest regulations to ensure your governance documents are current and compliant. From updating your constitution to revising policies, we'll help you navigate legal changes and maintain a robust governance framework.
Jurisdiction registration


If your charity operates across multiple jurisdictions, we can guide you through the registration process for another British jurisdiction. We'll ensure your charity adheres to the correct laws, enabling you to expand your impact while remaining legally compliant.