Business dispute resolution services

Business disputes are undoubtedly stressful as they can create hostility, are a drain on your resources and can pose a risk to your business if they go wrong or are not dealt with appropriately. If you have experienced any of the following, you will understand how much hassle business disputes can cause:

  • Employee issues, such as gross misconduct or capability
  • Late payments or non-payments from customers
  • Suppliers who let you down
  • Business contracts that go wrong
  • Shareholder disputes
  • People stealing your secrets or ignoring your rights

When dealing with disputes, you need to consider your best options for business dispute resolution and may choose to seek business dispute legal advice from one of our expert business dispute lawyers or dispute solicitors.

Resolving a dispute

Whether you or your company are bringing or defending any legal claim notified under the relevant Pre Action Protocol or if issued in the civil Courts (‘Litigation’), LawBite’s commerical dispute lawyers can provide you with expert guidance and the reassurance that you are receiving the best business dispute legal advice.

We can specialise in both business dispute resolution and private dispute resolution advising on the relevant legal issues through compliance with the applicable Pre-Action Protocol and representing you in court litigation. Your designated dispute resolution solicitor will review prospects and advise on strategies to resolve the dispute at a reasonable cost, whether that be through business mediation or alternative dispute resolution methods.

At LawBite, we ensure that our business dispute solicitors comply with the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) Standards and Regulations regarding requirements to notify clients of the likely cost of proceedings and funding options including Third Party Litigation funding. 

Please note: For litigation, we charge £255 (+VAT) per hour with a minimum of 7 hours per matter and a minimum claim value of £10K. You can find out more about how our rates work here.

Alternative Dispute Resolution services

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods do not involve the civil Courts and are intended to be cheaper, faster and less formal. Our business dispute solicitors will always consider this option as an alternative to costly court litigation as the parties are free to tailor the process to suit their needs and reach a settlement on a confidential basis whilst maintaining positive business relationships. 


Negotiation is a voluntary and non-binding ADR method, in which parties work together to reach an agreement without the assistance of an independent third party. Each negotiator represents their respective viewpoint and should aim to reduce the areas of dispute as soon as possible to reduce costs. Your assigned solicitor will be able to negotiate on your behalf and ensure your interests are represented during the process.


Business dispute mediation is a process whereby a neutral mediator is appointed by the parties’ business dispute solicitor to assist them in facilitating a Settlement Agreement. Business mediation is entirely confidential and can resolve the dispute before either party turns to litigation. Your assigned dispute resolution solicitor will identify and agree on a suitable mediator and guide you through the process.

Find out more about our business mediation services.


Arbitration is a more formal process of ADR which is quicker and more cost-effective than going to the Courts. It involves appointing a trained and neutral third party, known as an arbitrator, to make a decision on the dispute. The arbitrator is chosen by the parties and is required to be an expert in their field. We can support you with the arbitration process from the selection of an arbitrator to negotiating a settlement of a claim.

Find out more about our arbitration services.

Other dispute resolution options

Other alternative dispute resolution methods also exist, such as Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE) and Expert Determination. With ENE, the dispute resolution solicitors appoint an independent person to provide a non-binding opinion on the merits (ENE), and, in Expert Determination, a qualified professional is appointed to determine an issue, usually of a technical nature.  This is a particularly useful method of business dispute resolution as an expert opinion may help break the deadlock.

Affordable dispute resolution advice

If you would like to find out more about our dispute resolution services, please book a free 15 minute consultation with one of our expert lawyers or call us on 020 3808 8314.

We’ll be able to assess your situation and provide guidance on the appropriate resolution processes. For litigation, we charge £255 (+VAT) per hour with a minimum of 7 hours per matter and a minimum claim value of £10K. You can find out more about how our rates work here.

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Frequently asked questions

LawBite is the modern way for SMEs to get the high quality legal advice they need, but faster and cheaper.

As we look to revolutionise the traditional legal process, this may raise a number of questions on how we operate to provide your business with legal advice for your business that is; easier to access, clearer to understand and more affordable.

We have brought together the most frequently asked questions from our customers.

Alternative Dispute Resolution – i.e. alternative methods of resolving conflicts which are different to standard court proceedings or ‘litigation’. Mediation and Arbitration are both kinds of ADR.
Mediation is much quicker than going to court and is successful 75% of the time, saving you time and money. It involves appointing a trained mediator as a neutral to help facilitate a settlement of a dispute between the parties. The whole process is confidential, normally take no longer than one day, and you always have the choice as to whether or not you settle. Arbitration is a non-court procedure where an industry expert, agreed by the parties, judges their issue for them. 

The arbitrator can set up a process which is more streamlined than that available through the courts. The parties are bound by the arbitrator’s judgement but they have the comfort of knowing that the outcome will be decided by an expert who understands their business.
Our hope is that you use LawBite to help protect your business as much as possible, but we understand that disputes are an inevitable part of running any company. We offer help with a wide range of dispute resolution services, from making and defending a claim (e.g. letter writing) to Alternative Dispute Resolution and even litigation.
It's unlikely that your LawBrief will be able to review all documentation and information relating to a situation within the initial 15 minute consultation period. If you're looking for direction on the strength of your case, there will usually be a fee associated with this service (and any follow up steps, e.g. letter drafting).

For disputes under a value of £10,000, you may therefore find it more worthwhile consulting the Citizens Advice website where there is some useful information on the Small Claims process.
Yes, LawBite provides access to a panel of experienced Mediators and Arbitrators. To find out more book a free 15 minute consultation to discuss your case.

Dispute resolution lawyers assist, guide and advise their clients during the dispute resolution process. The rules by which the parties must conduct dispute resolution depends on the form they choose and these rules are often very complicated.

In some cases, the law that applies to the facts can be equally complicated and making a mistake on the law or the rules can be costly. Dispute resolution lawyers strive to get the best possible outcome for their clients whilst remaining within the rules and the applicable law. Every case raises different issues of fact and law.

A settlement is reached when both parties agree on its terms. Quite often dispute resolution lawyers on both sides play a vital role in helping the parties reach the settlement by pointing out to their clients the weaknesses in their own case and the strengths in the other party’s case.

In most cases, our dispute resolution lawyers are able to achieve a settlement before the dispute gets to an expensive court trial. Settlements are most often reached in round table negotiations or during mediation and it is best practice to have the terms of the settlement recorded in writing in a Settlement Agreement.