Key guidance on employment contracts

Employment contracts are one of the most common business agreements and are important in limiting any potential disputes or Employment Tribunal claims. They also ensure your workforce is properly engaged and can be a crucial decider when you’re onboarding new employees. 

There are various types of employment contracts, from fixed-term to zero-hours. Typically, your employment contract will need to cover the following as a minimum:

  • Pay/remuneration details
  • Working hours and details of any shift work
  • Place of work and any relocation obligations
  • Notice details
  • Any applicable post-termination restrictions

They can also include:

  • Holiday entitlement
  • Details of your pension scheme
  • Probationary period length
  • Sick pay terms and allowance

To comply with UK employment laws, as a bare minimum, you will be required to supply your employees with a written statement of particulars.

Are you unsure of the type of contract you should be offering your employees? 

Let our experienced employment contract solicitors review your agreement and provide you with the legal advice you need, to ensure it complies with all relevant UK employment laws. 

Typical employment contract questions

As a business owner, it’s essential to ensure that your contracts of employment clearly answer all relevant questions below, from both parties perspectives. In the event that the answers are not clear, or cannot be answered by the agreement, it’s advisable to seek specialist advice from an employment law solicitor.

  1. Does this agreement cover the necessary rights and obligations?
  2. Are there any unusual or non-standard provisions included?
  3. What liabilities are covered in the contract?
  4. Can the employee work for someone else at the same time as being bound by the contract?
  5. How can both parties end the agreement and what rights does each party have?
  6. Is this employment contract legally binding for both parties?

Our team of employment lawyers is here to provide you and your employees with sound employment contract advice so that you can understand your rights and responsibilities. If you want to find out more about the terms and conditions of a UK employment contract, read our blog and learn about the rights and responsibilities of all parties from express terms to implied terms.

Employment contract advice - let's get started on your new contract

By consulting with one of our expert employment solicitors, you can receive tailored legal advice to ensure your employment agreement is comprehensive, compliant, and fit for purpose. Our experienced lawyers and solicitors specialise in business legal matters, so you can be confident that you’re in the best hands.

Our employment contract review service is quick and simple, plus includes a 15-minute lawyer consultation to ensure you get the most from the service. As long as you have a UK employment contract template, you’re eligible for advice from £180 (+VAT) for contracts up to 20 pages, with a 3-day turnaround.

We also offer business legal advice and other contract reviews from NDAs to software license agreements.

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LawBite's online lawyers and online solicitors provide expert legal advice on all commercial and business matters including UK employment contracts. Book a no-commit 15-minute call with our friendly lawyers today, discuss how we can provide you with employment contract advice or learn more by joining LawBite for free.

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