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It can be a very exciting time forming a new organisation for a good cause, but complying with the rules and regulations can prove to be confusing.

Whether it is ensuring that the correct structure is established, navigating the Charity Commission application process or getting registered with HMRC - unless you have prior knowledge and experience of these legal processes, they can be both confusing and time-consuming.

Maintaining good governance can also present a challenge down the road. How a charity is organised will be a key factor in its future success and needs regular review.

How LawBite can help

We are happy to introduce low-cost legal services for socially conscious entrepreneurs that want to start a charity or need support running an existing not-for-profit, trust or social enterprise.

LawBite has initially designed 6 packages for charities:

Starting a Charity

  • With Charity Commission Registration: £999*
  • Without Charity Commission Registration: £499*
  • HMRC registration: £225*

Running a Charity

  • Governance Health Check: £299*
  • Governance Updates: £499*
  • New UK Jurisdiction Registration: £499*

*Prices exclude VAT.

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Clive Rich, CEO and Founder of LawBite commented, “LawBite has successfully handled tens of thousands of legal enquiries from SMEs, providing expert legal advice that is more accessible, clearer to understand and more affordable.

Now is the right time to provide Charities with a similar level of support - helping them to more easily navigate the complexities of getting a good cause off the ground and running it efficiently with legal advice that is faster and much cheaper.

Running your business

Charities face the same issues that SMEs have to deal with, for instance; employing staff, data protection matters, renting commercial property and protecting their brand identity. 

LawBite is vastly experienced in delivering expert legal assistance for general commercial matters.

We are renowned for fixed pricing, with none of the hidden charges often seen with other legal providers. The LawBite digital platform enables it to offer lower-cost services, but still maintain very high-quality legal advice.


Full service overview


Speak to a charity lawyer

LawBite’s mission is to democratise how SMEs get the expert legal advice they need, but making it easier to access, clearer to understand and much more affordable. 

Our expert charity lawyers can support you with some of the toughest challenges small charities face. To find out how you can get started with us, book a free 15 minute consultation or call us on 020 3808 8314.

Free resources for charities

In closing

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