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Charities provide some of the most important services benefiting our communities. 

Throughout history, charities, and the people who work/volunteer in them pick up where family and government help ends, providing care, support, and financial aid to people, animals and causes. 

To provide this incredible support, charities are constantly battling to raise funds. One important source of money is statutory funding. In this article, we explain what statutory is and where registered charities can apply for it.

Types of statutory funding for charities

Statutory funding is funding from government sources. It can take the form of grants, contracts and initiatives. The funding is spread through different charitable bodies throughout the country.

An example of charitable funding is the pledging of £750 million by the UK government to help charities tackle the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. Specific allocations were made for relevant causes, including:

  • £200 million for hospices
  • £60 for frontline charities in Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland
  • An injection of cash into the National Lottery Community Fund to support community-based projects that provide support within communities hit hard by the pandemic

How do I access statutory funding for charities?

The internet is a wonderful resource when it comes to searching for government grants and funding, however, it can also be intimidating and time-consuming. 

To streamline your quest for locating statutory funding that will work for your organisation, here are three helpful ideas;

1. Sign up for local government email lists and newsletters

These often contain information about new initiatives and deadlines for grant applications.

2. Use search tools such as My Funding Central or Funds Online

These tools include filters to help you narrow down the extensive range of statutory funding options available.

3. Network, network, and then network some more

Attend events and get to know people within the charity sector and central and local government. The secret to networking is to give as much as you receive. So if you know of a great funding opportunity that may be suitable for someone you met at a recent event, let them know about it

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The government is focused on recovery from both the pandemic and the continuing cost of living crisis. Charities play an essential role in facilitating and supporting those who are finding life difficult. Knowing how to access statutory funding will ensure your organisation gets the money it needs to provide the best possible service.

To find out more about statutory funding for charities or about our fixed price charity packages please contact our friendly team who are only too happy to assist.


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It is also important to note that the Charities Act 2022 is due to come into force this Autumn. The Act implements most of the changes suggested in the Law Commission’s 2017 report: Technical Issues in Charity Law. The details of these changes are beyond the scope of this article, but our friendly team would be happy to discuss any questions you may have.

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