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We’re happy to announce a new partnership with Handepay (part of the PayPoint Group), to provide their customers with access to legal advice and services, helping them to manage their business and legal matters more effectively. 

The retail sector has been particularly hard hit by the pandemic and rising interest rates, making it more important than ever for these businesses to have access to quality and affordable legal advice. Handepay has recognised this and has partnered with LawBite to provide their customers with the legal tools they need to grow and succeed.

LawBite and Handepay will be integrating their technologies together to create a seamless journey for their customers, from the point of sign-up to the point of legal advice. Through the partnership, Handepay customers can get access to either an Essentials or Foundations account on the LawBite platform.

  • An Essentials account is designed for established retailers and includes a £15 p/h discount off LawBite's standard legal advice rate, as well as 3 legal templates
  • A Foundations account has been tailored for new retailers and includes a £10 p/h discount off LawBite's standard legal advice rate and access to the key legal templates growing businesses need.

Mark Latham, Managing Director, Card Services at the PayPoint Group said:

“Handepay has long been committed to supporting the thousands of businesses across the UK that use our card payments services, and our new partnership with LawBite is the latest enhancement to our proposition. We know that SMEs need the right support and advice as they continue to grow and LawBite is the perfect partner to help us expand the range of services we offer to them.”

Clive Rich, CEO of LawBite said:

“We are delighted to be partnering with Handepay to help their customers get access to the legal advice they need. This partnership will provide retailers with the tools required to manage their legal affairs more efficiently, without breaking the bank. We strongly believe in the importance of providing affordable and quality legal advice to businesses, and this partnership is an important step in that direction.” 

It’s our mission to make quality legal advice accessible and affordable to all businesses. This partnership will help ensure that even in these difficult times, retailers can access the legal advice and services they need to thrive.

Partner with LawBite

If you’re a business looking to support your customers with their long-term success by offering them affordable legal services, then speak to our partnership team

We can work with you on a solution that suits your audience's needs and either integrate it into your existing workflow or create a custom journey that fits your branding.

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