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Why LawBite Lawyers Love their Clients! Valentine’s Day Special

February 13, 2018

Far from being stuffy, expensive and difficult to understand, LawBite lawyers (or as we call them ‘LawBriefs’!) really work with SME needs in mind and have been chosen for our panel because of their understanding and love for small businesses. Here are three of our fabulous LawBriefs telling us why they love their clients…

Laura Symons, Intellectual Property LawBrief:

“I love being able to help clients who may not be able to afford the rates charged by traditional law firms and knowing that their interests are still protected.”

“I love the people-oriented nature of working with entrepreneurs and SMEs and the trust that can build from a productive working relationship and being their go-to source for legal queries.”

“I love hearing the delight in a client’s voice when I tell them their first trademark has successfully registered and it dawns on them that they can start competing with the bigger players.”

“I love playing a role in helping entrepreneurs turn a mere concept into a viable business and watching the trajectory of that business grow over time.”

“I love being able to offer clients a new perspective on a problem and bucking the myth that all lawyers are stuffy and unapproachable!”

Carla Caroli, Commercial and Construction LawBrief loves her clients because…

“They are truly passionate about their business and ideas – and passion is contagious!”

“They are keen to learn new things – even law!”

“They have amazing stories behind their businesses – they’re always inspiring.”

“They are resilient – and they don’t give even if the 1st date with an investor, client or partner goes wrong.”

“They know that, like a great life, a great business is built with the sum of many people – and they resist the temptation to move forward alone.”

And finally, Alla Fairbrother, Commercial LawBrief:

“I love innovative and fresh ideas that many owners of small and medium businesses have.”

“I love our clients’ passion and hard work – they deserve to be successful!”

“I love the fast pace that our clients move at, so that they can stay ahead of competition and win new business.”

“I love how our clients often understand the main legal risks and engage LawBrief lawyers to give them clear professional opinion and draft necessary legal documents.”

“I love how our clients see LawBite lawyers as both shield and sword – helping businesses win new customers (GDPR compliance as a competitive advantage, anyone?) and protecting their assets.”

“I love it when a client writes to me: “Good stuff, the document looks great. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly!”

“I love it when a client recommends us to his or her business contacts!”

Thank you for spreading the love Laura, Carla and Alla!

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Lots of Love,

The LawBite Team