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Document Name: Website Link Licence Agreement Template

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What is a Website Link Licence Agreement?

As part of an e-commerce relationship, it is not unusual for parties to want to create a link between their websites.  This Website Link Licence Agreement allows a website owner to grant a licence to a third party to create a link to its website.  This licence may be granted free of charge or there may be a payment agreed between the parties, depending on the nature of the relationship.   

This Website Link Licence Agreement is drafted in favour of the website owner who is granting the right for a third party to place a link on their website and seeks to protect the website owners intellectual property and sets out terms for use of the link.

When should a Website Link Licence Agreement be used?

This Website Link Licence Agreement should be used when two business parties want to allow the use of a link between one party’s website and the other.  Payment of a fee from one party to the other is an optional clause in this licence agreement so it can be adapted as required.

What is contained in this Website Link Licence Agreement?

The Website Link Licence Agreement includes specific provisions relating to the grant of a licence to place a link to a website owner’s site on a third party’s site. Specifically, it contains the following provisions:

  • Header Information
  • Background
  • Grant of Licence
  • Intellectual Property Ownership
  • Limitations and Use
  • Fees and payment
  • Termination
  • Effects of Termination
  • Liability and Indemnity
  • Confidentiality
  • Notices
  • Disputes and choice of law
  • Entire Agreement
  • Changes to this Agreement
  • Third parties not involved
  • Assignment
  • Signing
  • Schedule

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