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What is intellectual property?

Intellectual property is the overarching term used to describe the various types of intangible assets owned by a business or individual. The main type of intellectual property are copyright (protects content, i.e., text, audio, video), patents (protects the way things function), designs (protects the way things look) and trade marks (protects brands, i.e., names, logos, slogans).

What is contained in this IP Tip Sheet?

In this tip sheet, we provide our top 10 tips for securing your IP position:

  1. Secure your brand position as early as possible
  2. Make sure you own the IP that you think you do
  3. Make use of available government-funded support
  4. Choose your IP professional wisely
  5. Do your homework before following the beaten track
  6. Be realistic about your IP budget
  7. Think like a big fish
  8. Understand your position in the IP landscape
  9. Develop your IP strategy to support your ambitions 5-10 years from now
  10. Regularly review your IP assets against your commercial plan

How can LawBite help

As part of our intellectual property legal services, our expert lawyers will offer a fixed price intellectual property advice and help you with all aspects of IP protection including:

  • Transactional and contentious IP legal advice
  • Working out what IP you own, when/how the IP was created and by whom
  • Transactional and contentious IP legal advice
    • Working out what IP you own, when/how the IP was created and by whom
    • Registering and protecting that IP, so other people can’t use or steal it – we can help with trade mark registrations and patent applications
    • Advising on whether the launch of a new brand is viable, and the name is cleared/free to use
    • Protecting your inventions
  • Making sure you are not at risk of infringing anyone else’s IP
  • Helping to protect and maximise the value of confidential information and trade secrets
  • Helping you commercialise the value of that IP, including via licensing and assignment
  • Negotiating instances of domain name disputes and cybersquatting
  • Advising on IP in the context of corporate transactions

IP matters are often time-sensitive, and our lawyers can respond quickly and cost-effectively. We provide quick, affordable and easy-to-understand intellectual property legal services.