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Every once and a while we love to showcase some of our awesome clients and this week we're looking at Shopetino and how we've worked with them on the launch of their online children and adults lifestyle store. We hope this will get you thinking about the importance of effective legal set-up prior to launch and the fact it doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg!


Shopetino is a new lifestyle store for children (and adults) focussing on clothing, accessories, jewellery and interiors. This new online multi-brand platform offers a selection of carefully curated and exciting products catering for babies and children up to the age of eight. Shopetino showcases new, niche and independent brands that offer luxury at affordable prices - such as Carlie Grace, XOKiddo, Jumbo & Friends, Gooseberry Fools, Mama & Belle, Sophie Home and many more. From new clothing for your child, to purchasing original accessories, to finding the perfect outfit or that stylish nursery gift for a newborn Shopetino will be the destination space for parents and gifters alike.

LawBite: Tell us about yourself and your role in the company?

Shopetino: I am the founder/director, everything! Although I do have a small admin team who help out too. I'm from a marketing background within the film industry, working on the retail side.

LawBite: What does Shopetino do? Tell us what makes your product great?

Shopetino: I realised early on when I became a mother that there were lots of childrenswear brands out there not reaching me (or if they did, it was only via Instagram!). The brands were great quality, with interesting designs and at a good price. So, I immediately saw this as an opportunity to promote these brands in front of the parent audience. Shopetino is an online childrenswear retailer that only sells the best ‘capsule collections' of childrenswear products, produced by the best independent British retailers. Lots of fantastic brands that you might not have had heard of before. We make everything very easy to find as it's all categorised simply and streamlined. You don’t have to search through hundred of lines to find great product. There is also stuff for grown-ups to, like jewellery for new mums and teething bracelets for Dad’s!

LawBite: How long have you been trading and where are you based? Shopetino: I have just launched this week! We're based in London but since we're online we distribute all over the UK. We will have international shipping set up in a few weeks. LawBite: What are your goals as an organisation?

Shopetino: Short term, we just want site out there in front of as many parents/gifters as possible and of course for the business to run smoothly! In the medium term we’d like to actually carry out some paid for advertising and evolve with further investment. A bit further down the line, we'd like to start hiring a few more people so I can focus more on business development. We'd like to get new suppliers on board, at least a couple a month. I would also love to take Shopetino on the road, perhaps with a pop-up Christmas shop - a ‘Meet the makers’ session for parents. Our vision is to expand and generate a loyal following.

LawBite: What challenges have you experienced in the online retail industry?

Shopetino: I think shipping is a pretty big area to tackle. It’s massive and so variable, that it can take a while to establish what works for your company. But as it’s early days for us, so we’ll see.

LawBite: When it comes to dealing with the law and lawyers, what is most important?

Shopetino: Fees! Every small business owner has this idea that dealing with a lawyer is cost prohibitive and it's something I believed as well up until now. I was delighted when I received the quote from LawBite - I assumed it was going to cost thousands but it was only hundreds in the end.

LawBite: What has LawBite done to help your business?

Shopetino: LawBite helped me to sort out all the supplier terms and conditions for my website, at a fraction of the price I was expecting. Now I have a really good set of contracts I'm happy with.

LawBite: Overall why did you enjoy working with LawBite?

Shopetino: I feel that it’s a genuinely modern approach to law. As well as the price, the service was easy and fast to use - all online and via the platform, so I didn't have to trek around London! As a business owner, it is in line with how I work and with my mindset, keeping everything simple and straightforward. I wish every company worked like yours!


We hope you enjoyed our study with newly-launched online children and adults lifestyle store Shopetino! If this got you thinking about what you need to do to stay legally sound without breaking the bank, get in touch with LawBite today. Submit a request for a free 15 minute consultation with one of our expert LawBriefs to discuss your needs or call us on 020 7148 1066 and we'll be happy to help.

Thank you Diane!

Lizzie Knight, Head of Marketing, LawBite Find out more about Shopetino and shop their awesome range on their website:

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