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Read this post written by Alan Moore that highlights our successful event. 
Our big hello
 On 12th November we / the LawBite team said a BIG HELLO at Google Campus in London celebrating all the hard work that has already been put into getting LawBite to where it is today. We invited, all our investors including a community that came together helping us raise funding from a UK crowdfunding platform (Crowdcube), friends, fans, and the media. The room was rammed to the gills as they say. 
Why Britain needs a reinvention of the Law
 Matthew Hancock MP, Minister for Skills and Enterprise at the Departments of Business Innovation and Skills and Education had kindly agreed to come along and talk to us about how aligned LawBite is with the Government’s own policy for SMEs as a key component part of the eco-system necessary to kickstart the UK’s economic recovery, and keep it steady. He spoke passionately, eloquently and from the heart. Stating that our economy, startup Britain, and our SMEs would better thrive if they were better legally supported. And we are all deeply grateful for those words, not only because we are a pioneering Law firm clearly focused on that mission, but, because it is true. 
A call to arms
 LawBite founder Clive Rich made a clear, humorous, and equally impassioned call to arms. For all those involved with LawBite, we know we all are there for the same singular reason, which is we believe the legal industry is ripe for disruption because it does not serve commercial Britain/us, as well as it should, and, that we as LawBite believe we can do much better. We know – much, much better does not necessarily need to cost the earth. 
A big thank you to our crowdfunders
 Not only is it important to point to the liberating potential of crowdfunding for SMEs, but that it can also accelerate startup companies. LawBite is a case in point. A significant part of our funding came from 168 individuals that invested in our vision via the crowdfunding platform Crowdcube. Our oversubscribed raise was completed in 10 days. This community was present in the room, it was great to talk to people that collectively had put their hand in their pocket – because they played an important role in getting us moving forward with great dynamism. 
Crowdfunding top 10
 And in the same week of our Big Hello we were heartened by the news that LawBite are in the top 10 of most successful raises of equity crowdfunding in the UK. And we are rightly proud of that. This is a family, a community, not just a bunch of hard-nosed investors, sniffing for the best return on capital invested. Economic performance is of course imperative, yet performance for what reason for what purpose? That question must always be part of the equation for the entrepreneur. Our community of crowdfunders has helped keep our vision pure. Which is: Keeping companies safe and sound at a price they can afford. 
A great meeting of minds always creates exponential energy or, that Law for SMEs is the new Rock ‘n’ Roll
 And so it was, many people, in TechCity on a rainy, cold November night were the fuel of energized conversations, laughter, and a shared sense of, ‘yes we can do better’. Our friends, our fans, even the curious that left other events to join ours, and our investors. This is one small sample of the hundreds of emails we received afterwards: "I did enjoy last night, it was brilliantly attended and seemed genuinely exciting! Not what you should expect from a launch of a tech company about law! Law is the new Rock and Roll obviously." And that is the point, the Law is invisible, boring, abstract until the moment when it indelibly touches your life, your business, your future. Then it becomes an emotional rollercoaster. We would prefer more parties where good fun is had, rather than seeing the owners and employees of SMEs suffering as they missed the opportunity to future proof the well-being of their company. Thank you. Thank you for coming and co-creating a wonderful event, if it felt like rock’n’roll, we are happy if what was just great to be in a room exchanging ideas we are happy, if you felt the two were the same, even happier. 
 Special thank you’s go to; Rhizome who help us with connecting and talking to all the right people in the media, to Gather and Gather for outstanding culinary and waiting service, to Jules Wines for your better than average wine (red and white), which went down a storm judging by the empty bottles, My Barrister – a company that is developing the same innovative networked platform and business to better serve the UK economy and SMEs, CEDER that is our offering for dispute resolution, Simon Parrot who is a creative genius that has helped us with evolving and developing our visual identity, and, our tech development team, which is playing such a crucial role in helping us develop both a new business model, and, new tools for this new economy. 
Here we are, open for getting Britain back on its feet
 If you are an SME, please do contact us if you are intrigued, or would like to know more about how LawBite could help keep you legally and commercially safe and sound at a price you can afford. View the whole photo set from the evening...   Journey further...

In closing

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