If you have a business set up as a private limited liability company and have issued shares in the past, you probably know what the ‘Return of allotment of shares SH01’ (or ‘SH01 Form’) is.

If you have not heard of the SH01 Form, this brief article will explain what is and how it should be filed.

What is an SH01 Form?

An SH01 is an official form that alerts the Companies House and publishes that your UK company has issued new shares. 

The form is titled ‘Return of allotment of shares’, and you will need to file this form to give notice about shares issued after incorporation.

New shares usually are issued:

  • When a business completes funding round, and investors are onboarded
  • As part of an employee share option scheme
  • To repay the borrowing
  • As bonus shares in place of dividends, this can be used as a strategy for increasing a private company's issued share capital to £50,000 if it plans to go public.

How do I file a SH01 Form?

If you are wondering how to file an SH01 online, you can use the online service of Companies House to update your information. This must be done within the first month of the shares being allotted.

You can also send the form by post; however, it will take longer to be processed by the Companies House.

You will need to include the following information in your SH01 Form:

  • Company name
  • Company registration number
  • Type of shares allotted
  • Allotment date
  • The currency the shares were issued
  • Number of shares
  • The nominal value of shares
  • Amounts paid or unpaid per share
  • A revised statement of capital
  • Authorising signature

Does Companies House have continuation sheets available for SH01?

Yes, continuation sheets are included in the government’s SH01 Form.

Once you have completed and filed the form, remember to provide a share certificate to the lucky new members of your company.

Recap: filling out your SH01 Form step-by-step 

Here is a step-by-step guide to completing the SH01 form successfully:

  • Step 1 – Company details: You can find your company number to fill this section by looking up your company on the Companies House register
  • Step 2 – Add the date
  • Step 3 – Details of the shares issued: In this section, you only need to add the new shares you are issuing, not the existing ones
  • Step 4 – Statement of capital: The statement of capital section gives the whole picture of your company’s assets. This includes existing shares and the new shares allotted
  • Step 6  – Sign the form: Make sure you have signed it before you file it
  • Step 7 – Additional details: You don’t need to complete this page, but if you do, take into account Companies House records are public
  • Step 8 – Issue the share certificate to the new shareholders

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