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Every third Thursday of January, April, July, and October are ‘Get to Know Your Customers Day’. 

Getting to know your customers goes beyond just learning their names or what industry they operate in. It is important to learn about their goals, challenges, achievements and what makes them unique.

At LawBite, we are always working hard to bring our clients a better customer experience using our advanced technology, understanding what their legal needs are and helping them protect their businesses. Our priority is to make legal advice easier to access, ensuring it is faster and cheaper but still of the highest quality.

We have decided to share some inspiring stories from our loyal customers who have used our platform and services. In this opportunity, we interviewed Lisa Thorne, Founder and MD at Together Global, who established her company in 2016 with a bold vision; to find a new approach towards cultural training that links culture to performance and creates measurable business value.

Meet Lisa Thorne, Founder and MD from Together Global

Tell us a bit about you and your business. 

We're innovators in global team performance. We help global IT delivery teams remove barriers to success by getting 'culturally aligned'. Our Cultural Alignment Transformation (or CAT) programme has helped Agile delivery teams operating across the US, EU, UK and India achieve remarkable results, boosting performance and engagement levels.    

What are your company's goals? 

Our main goal is to help global IT delivery teams achieve remarkable levels of performance by getting 'culturally aligned.'  

What advice would you give to the next generation of entrepreneurs? 

I would advise them to dream big, work hard and keep positive. Focus on quality and originality. Build it and the clients will come. 

What are your biggest business achievements and challenges so far?

We have multiple industry award wins and nominations, plus amazing testimonials backed up by measurable results. 

As being first to market means educating the market, that is a challenge. Many of our potential clients don't know that their global IT teams are under-delivering and can achieve far more when they're culturally aligned. 

How was LawBite able to help you? 

LawBite is brilliant. Lawyers are often seen as a necessary evil because you call on them in times of trouble, then when the bill starts to escalate out of control that creates even more stress! I've found that LawBite provides timely, brilliant advice at affordable rates. They give you a free 'legal health check' assessment too, and when they quote a price, they stick to it. LawBite really does deliver peace of mind along with their legal advice.  

Thanks Lisa!

Stay tuned, we will be sharing more inspiring histories from our customers soon.

In closing

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