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LawBite is pleased to announce that we’ve improved our offering for clients in the commercial property sector

Using the LawBite platform, commercial landlords, tenants, developers, and lenders can access legal advice on all aspects of commercial landlord and tenant work, from sales and purchasing through to portfolio management and property disputes, cost-effectively and transparently.

Portfolio management

LawBite provides a case management system for users to manage multiple cases across a property portfolio.

In contrast to the traditional approach, with documents shared via email and matters managed with no digital record, LawBite’s commercial property solution allows parties to track the progress of their transactions and identify possible delays. The platform, therefore, provides an audit trail and complete transparency and accountability for lawyers. All lawyers on the platform work for LawBriefs, an SRA regulated law firm that sits on the platform and engages with the clients using LawBite’s technology.



Custom milestones

Addressing one of the key frustrations of the sale and purchase process, the LawBite platform allows users to set pre-agreed milestones with their LawBriefs lawyer, which are tailored for each specific transaction. A combination of automated reminders and an admin team proactively helping to move cases along mean that nothing gets stuck in the system.



Operating with a fixed fee and scope, landlords, developers, and lenders can access the platform and legal counsel for a significantly reduced cost, without sacrificing the quality of the advice. 

All LawBrief's commercial property lawyers have at least 10 years of experience and many have backgrounds at the UK’s largest and most prestigious law firms, and users have the ability to return to the same lawyer time and again through the system if they choose to.



Commercial property services 

Our team of lawyers provides commercial property legal guidance on:

  • All aspects of commercial landlord and tenant work
  • Sales (freehold and leasehold)
  • Purchases (freehold and leasehold)
  • Estates and buildings management
  • Property portfolio management
  • Development projects
  • Secured lending
  • Property disputes
  • Land issues, such as easements, rights of way, restrictive covenants
  • Acquiring and disposing of commercial property as part of business acquisitions and disposals

Clive Rich, Founder and CEO at LawBite, adds: “The LawBite platform allows players in the commercial property sector to access advice in a transparent and streamlined way. The platform offers a combination of tech and humanity, making introductions and hosting transactions within the platform, but ensuring parties are connected with a real-life LawBriefs lawyer they can work with again and again. We are enabling a democratised approach to commercial property law, providing the same quality of service at up to half the cost.”

Joe Phelan, Commercial Property Law Solicitor at LawBite, notes: “Across the commercial property market, parties share the same frustrations around access to information on the progress of their transactions. The LawBite platform and our expert LawBriefs lawyers can address this frustration. For developers, landlords and lenders who are managing multiple transactions a month, this represents a whole new way of managing the legal side of a commercial property portfolio.”


If you’re looking for a robust and affordable solution to manage your own or a client's property portfolio, book a free 15 minute consultation or call us on 020 3808 8314.

In closing

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