Brexit Series Part 1 | What Next?

September 11, 2018

Starting from this week our LawBrief solicitor Raza Naqvi will be providing his expert insight into the latest developments on Brexit – its impact on SMEs and the possible scenarios which businesses will face in the coming months.

Confused by Brexit? Hard, soft, deal or no deal?

Whatever it is, what does it actually mean for your business? In this series, we aim to help businesses understand the legal implications of Brexit, and what steps they can take to prepare for it.

The complex legal, political, economic (and social) considerations involved in Brexit are proving difficult for the UK government and the EU to negotiate and finalise an orderly exit in early 2019. UK and EU based businesses are likely to face disruption of some sort due to Brexit, however, the severity of this depends on the withdrawal deal reached between the UK and the EU in the coming months. There is also a very real chance of there being “no deal” between the UK and EU.

LawBrief Barbara Jamieson wrote last week about what information can be gathered based on the 23 August release of the potential no deal impact papers by the UK government.

Industries ranging from financial services (banking, insurance and asset management), automobile, aviation, agriculture, transport (including pets!) to fishing and e-commerce are having to adapt to this uncertainty and actively think of impacts that Brexit will have and how to minimise these.


Next week: Brexit Series Part 2 | The impact on SMEs (IP, contracts, tariffs and WTO rules)

Raza is a qualified solicitor who previously worked for a major Magic Circle law firm concentrating on financial and banking matters. Through working with LawBite he is pursuing his passion for providing practical and efficient solutions for SMEs in their business legal dealings.

LawBite is helping small and medium-sized businesses understand their risks and develop strategies for Brexit. For further legal advice, you can contact the author of this article Raza Naqvi. For expert business legal advice, please do enter an enquiry or call us today on 020 7148 1066 to speak to a member of our friendly Client Care Team.

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