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Brexit | .eu Domain: What Does it Mean for Your Business?

September 12, 2018

With all the news about Brexit, of which helpful information can be found on our blog, one important area to consider for businesses and individuals is regarding .eu domain names.

The domain .eu is used by businesses and companies established in the EU and available for all EU residents, providing users with a European internet identity online.

According to the EU Rules on .eu Domains, following Brexit all UK based organisations and individuals living in the UK would no longer be able to register or renew domain names with .eu. Those UK businesses or individuals which are currently .eu registered will have to register for UK based domain names before Brexit.

This could either be 30 March 2019 if no withdrawal arrangement is made between the UK and EU or if an agreement is made the date would be 1 January 2021. Post Brexit, the Registry for .eu domain will be permitted to withdraw any such domains.

Now, what does this mean for your business?

To be fully prepared, you would be well advised to look for relevant UK based domains to keep your company name and register with a UK domain in a timely manner so as to not have your domain withdrawn. Our blog will keep you aware of key dates and the latest developments on the treatment of .eu domains.

To read more about the .eu domain click here.

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