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Getting your business off the ground can be costly. With overheads for insurance, premisses, sales and marketing – legal costs can become an unexpected burden.

Our new subscription package Foundations Plus provides sector-specific legal support for startups. It includes free legal documentation that’s tailored to your business and a discount rate for our contract review service, so can ensure your new documents are protecting your interests.

Cost-effective legal support

In the early days of your new business, what you need is clear advice that fits the sector you are operating in, not just general support.

Knowing what type of business you will be running, will help us to get you better access to the tailored legal services you need. As a Foundation Plus subscriber you can enjoy;

  • £20 an hour off our legal advice rate
  • x3 15 minute consultations with a lawyer
  • Access to sector-specific legal documents
  • Access to the key documents you need to run a business
  • The ability to get these documents reviewed by a lawyer for just £99 each

This will all be for just £29 per month.

Clive Rich, CEO and Founder of LawBite commented “As a new venture starts it can be an exciting time for entrepreneurs, but it is commonly complex to navigate. The first year for most firms is about survival and having access to great legal help can be a critical factor. LawBite has responded to widespread calls from SMEs for improved levels of help with Foundations Plus. We are demonstrating a new level of innovation in the legal sector, providing free legal support when it is needed the most by SMEs, making it easily accessible online and for the first time, tailored to their specific industry sector.”

Sector-specific formations

LawBite is breaking new ground with legal plans specifically tailored to the industry sector a business is operating in. Are you looking to make your first hires? Launching a new service? Dealing with a new supply chain? Well, the Foundations Plus plan can be adjusted to suit your direction of travel.

Foundation Plus serves startups that are forming a company within;

  • Business services
  • E-commerce
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Recruitment
  • Retail
  • Software/technology

The type of business you are (or support you require) will determine the type of legal documents you will have access to in the LawBite platform. These documents have been carefully drafted by our lawyers and the common sector-specific requirements businesses have.

These documents include;

Business services

Affiliate Terms, Agency Agreement, Data Processing Agreement, Data Sharing Agreement, Distribution Agreement, Franchise Agreement, Introduction Agreement, Marketing Agreement and Supply of Services Agreement.


Complaints Policy, Consumer Law Tip Sheet, Cookies Policy, Privacy Policy, Data Processing Agreement, Data Sharing Agreement, Distribution Agreement, Website Terms and Conditions for The Supply of Goods To Consumers and Website Link Licence Agreement.

Marketing and advertising

Affiliate Terms, Consumer Law Tip Sheet, Content Creation Agreement, Data Processor Agreement, Data Sharing Agreement, Marketing Agreement and Supply of Services Agreement.


Agency Worker Agreement, Compromise Agreement, Intern Agreement, Junior Employment Agreement, Non-Exec Agreement, Privacy Notice For Staff, Senior Employment Agreement, Staff Handbook and Zero Hours Contract.


Consumer Law Tip Sheet, Customer Terms and Conditions, Data Processing Agreement, Data Sharing Agreement, Distribution Agreement, Franchise Agreement, Short Commercial Lease, Manufacturing Agreement And Supply of Services Agreement.


Assignment of IP, IP Tip Sheet, Licensing Agreement, SaaS Agreement, SaaS Reseller Agreement, SLA, Software Development Agreement, Software Maintenance Agreement and Software/App Development Agreement

Each package also includes critical documentation that startups need to get up and running such as; Acceptable Use Policy, Consultancy Agreement, Cookie Policy, Non-Disclosure Agreement, Privacy Policy and Shareholders Agreement.

Affordable document review service

Contracts and agreements can be confusing. It is best practice to get your documents reviewed by a legal expert to ensure that your interests are protected. As part of the Foundation Plus package, you will have access to our expert commercial lawyers, who will be on standby to carry out a quality review of your new template - for just £99 per document.

Get started with Foundation Plus

Getting started with Foundations Plus is easy. To find out the full details of the package and sign up, head to our subscription pricing page.


Subscription pricing


In closing

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