Landing a mortgage when you’re self-employed

March 21, 2016

Despite more and more people deciding to take the plunge into freelancing or contracting, it’s still notoriously hard for self-employed people to get a mortgage. The glory days of self-cert mortgages are far behind us, and if you’re looking for a lender in 2016 you’ll need to provide hard proof of your income.

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Starting a Business

5 Point Checklist: Starting a New Business

March 14, 2016

Starting a business is an adventure; the chance to build something that’s yours, that reflects your passion and hard work and enables you to do the things you love most. However, it can also be fraught with challenges, particularly in the early months so, as with all things, it’s best to be ultra-prepared before you kick off.

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Law For Small Business For Dummies by Clive Rich – OUT NOW!

March 1, 2016

Over a year ago we were honoured to be approached by renowned international publishers Wiley to write the latest edition in their infamous For Dummies series. Cue 6 months of intense research, writing and editing by our very own Clive Rich and his fantastic supporters.

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