William Aylmer


  • Experience

    William Aylmer is an experienced mediator having mediated disputes in a wide variety of civil and commercial sectors. A sample of his relevant work is provided here:

    September 2016 to date – CONSUMER – Financial Services – External panel mediator at Financial Services Ombudsmans Bureau, Dublin for customer complaints against Providers.

    April 2015 – COMMERCIAL – Financial Services; non-performing loans – Mediator between Customer and Bank where Customer had sued Bank in English Courts for damages for alleged breach of contract arising from non-performance of property investment loans made in Ireland.

    February 2015 – COMMERCIAL – Partnership dispute; professional services – Mediator between former legal professional partners in dispute over wind-up of practice and distribution of assets.

    July 2014 – COMMERCIAL – Shareholder / Directors / Boardroom – Mediator between directors of management company of city centre mixed use commercial / residential development in dispute over management company budget and apportionment of service charges.

    November 2013 – FAMILY – Probate & administration; family property – Mediator between siblings in dispute over family inheritance and assets.

    September 2013 – COMMERCIAL – Construction – Mediator between Developer and multiple residents in dispute over residential construction defects.

    June 2013 – FAMILY BUSINESS – Partnership; hospitality sector; family business – Mediator between siblings (twins) in business partnership in dispute over apportionment of proceeds of sale of assets.

    May 2013 – PUBLIC-PRIVATE SECTOR, EMPLOYMENT – Probate & administration; workplace; public-private sector – Mediator in multi-party dispute between Executor of a national heritage estate, his employee, the responsible State Agency under the auspices of the Dept. of Finance and a Local Authority, arising from the proposed termination of the employee’s employment, related family accommodation and final completion of the heritage bequest.

    November 2012 – COMMUNITY – Voluntary sector; charity; – Mediator between neighbouring community branches of an international marine rescue service in dispute over resource allocation and management issues.

    September 2012 – COMMERCIAL – Financial services; Service Level Agreement, Professional Services – Mediator between Bank and its insured security services contractor, where Bank had sued contractor for losses arising from its alleged failure to properly audit the Bank’s automotive dealership customer who had become insolvent.

    May 2012 – FAMILY – Probate & administration; family business – Mediator between siblings in litigation for many years over completion and distribution of parents’ estate.

    August 2011 – COMMERCIAL – Commercial sponsorship; sports sector – Mediator between local branch of international governing body for sport and a commercial sponsor in dispute over performance of sponsorship agreement.

    June 2011 – EMPLOYMENT – Workplace – Mediator in workplace dispute between senior manager colleagues in a bank.

    October 2010 – COMMERCIAL – Shareholders; workplace; earn-out – Mediator between management buyout team and owner / investor over implementation of terms of management buyout agreement.

    August 2010 – COMMERCIAL – Insurance – Mediator between two insurance companies in dispute over re-insurance service level agreement.

    April 2009 – COMMERCIAL – Landlord & tenant – Mediator between commercial landlord and tenant in dispute over enforcement of arbitral award in favour of landlord granting rent review increase.

  • Education

    • MCIArb – 2009
    • CEDR Mediator – 2003
    • Solicitor, Law Society of Ireland – 1994
    • BCL, University College Dublin – 1990

  • Achievements

    • Member – Criminal Injuries Compensation Tribunal, Ireland – July 2016
    • Council Member – Law Society of Ireland – 2011 to date

  • Other Interests

    William has been teaching skiing since 1999. He spends up to three weeks each season teaching at an Austrian Tyrolean ski school.

    William is married to Joy and they have three children.

  • Languages

    Some Irish, French and German.

Karen Whittaker, LawBrief Mediator Karen Whittaker
Karen Whittaker, LawBrief Mediator

Karen Whittaker

Karen graduated in 1982 and shortly after that joined a large tour operator in the Customer Services Department. Nine years later having built up a Customer and Legal Services Department of 20 staff as the company grew, she decided to branch out on her own and become a Litigation Consultant for the travel industry. Working with both large, medium and small travel companies over the last 30 years Karen has gained a vast amount of expertise and knowledge of the industry. She is a very experienced negotiator, mediator and litigator.

In her own words ….

“Despite working in the travel industry for just over three decades I still have the same passion and enthusiasm that I had when I started. After 9 years of working for a company I decided the time was right to take my skills and use them for the benefit of other companies whether small or large. Over time I have gained a lot of practical experience and it still gives me great satisfaction passing this on to others and supporting them with their business.

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Diana Wallis, LawBrief Mediator Diana Wallis
Diana Wallis, LawBrief Mediator

Diana Wallis

Diana Wallis has a long experience in the field of law and dispute resolution. Originally a London solicitor with more than sixteen years post qualification litigation work in the field of European cross border commercial litigation. She then pursued these interests as a leading legislator in the European Parliament. Diana is a Senior Fellow of the Law School at the University of Hull. A well-respected figure in mediation circles, Diana is a frequent speaker at events and has developed her own mediation skills being a qualified mediator with broad experience.

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James Tunbridge, LawBiref mediator James Tunbridge
James Tunbridge, LawBiref mediator

James Tunbridge

Recognised as a leader in ADR by Chambers and Partners, and the International Mediation Institute: James has wide jurisdictional experience having practiced as a litigation lawyer in England & Wales, the United States and Canada. He also spent 2 years as Chairman of the International Trade Mark Association’s ADR Committee, overseeing the panel of mediators and all ADR programming. James’ mediation experience is extensive both as a mediator and for parties, he has also made several applications as a barrister seeking Mediation directions from the English High Court and Patents County / Enterprise Court, and for costs sanctions for failure to use ADR. Additionally whilst resident in Canada he took part in numerous mediations under the compulsory mediation scheme in operation in Ontario.

Mediation experience has included disputes for – record labels; musicians; pharmaceutical companies; electronics companies; construction companies; divorce proceedings; probate; boundary disputes and solicitors negligence. James’ legal practice, being elected as Councillor and working for a Member of Parliament has given him experience of negotiating and mediating in both a business and people focused environments. In addition James has taken WIPO’s Arbitration course and acted as an arbitrator in mixed ADR formats, he has also been an arbitration assistant on an International Construction Arbitration with its seat in Canada, and has experience of advisory work relating to arbitrations in the USA and Europe.

He has experience in a range of subject areas including boundary disputes, commercial, construction, contract, data protection, property, intellectual property, licensing, employment, family and sports.

Disputes Experience

James has worked on disputes in several jurisdictions: Appearing in the English High Court, the English Court of Appeal, the House of Lords and Supreme Court. In addition he has worked on several cases that went to the Canadian Supreme Court and appeared before the Ontario Court of Appeal, and various lower level Courts in Ontario and Ohio, as well as appearing before the Supreme Court of the Falkland Islands and the Falkland Islands Court of Appeal.

James has also participated in mediations and arbitrations in both the Americas and Europe, and through his work in trade bodies and global ADR providers such as WIPO, INTA and IMI, he maintains a broad understanding of the best practices and developments in the UK and beyond. His private practice cases have covered: Real property, boundaries, mortgages, commercial contracts and loans, disputes over sports players and associated agreements, sponsorship, publications dealing with defamation and copyright, shipping and carriage of goods disputes, intellectual property, employment and data protection matters.

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Rahim Shamji, Lawbrief Mediator Rahim Shamji
Rahim Shamji, Lawbrief Mediator

Rahim Shamji

Rahim has been mediating since 2005. Much of his experience comes from mediating in the Ismaili Community through the National Conciliation and Arbitration Board. Whilst Rahim mediated in the Ismaili Community, he undertook all kinds of cases, from high value international disputes, to local workplace and family disputes. Rahim mediated over 300 cases and is an extremely patient approachable mediator. He has mediated in many countries and has a deep understanding of different cultures. Rahim understands the need to balance the culture, law and settlement of the dispute to get the best results. Rahim’s main areas of expertise are Civil Commercial, Family Business, Hybrid, Workplace and International Conflict.

Rahim is also the lead mediation trainer and Chief Executive at ADR-ODR International. His role includes training hundreds of delegates all over the world. Rahim’s approach to mediation is constantly improving and his understanding of the nuances of human behavior and conflict makes him one of the best mediators on the circuit.

Aside from mediation Rahim is also a practicing barrister and door tenant at Garden Court Chambers.

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Keith Richards, LawBrief Mediator Keith Richards
Keith Richards, LawBrief Mediator

Keith Richards

mediator since 2009. He is currently involved in regulatory work in a variety of markets including aviation, rail, construction, renewable energy, the professions and business ethics, advising businesses on compliance with consumer law and with a wide variety of regulatory requirements. Keith has extensive experience of the leisure industry with particular focus on travel, transport, and hospitality. His specialist expertise covers a range of areas, including disability and equality rights and sustainability.

As a Mediator, Arbitrator and Adjudicator his involvement in dispute resolution stretches back over 25 years. He served as a Senior Lawyer at Which? where he was involved in the early development of UK and EU policy on ADR, and helped the Government to reform the UK civil justice rules to put ADR at the heart of the process. He also worked with the European Commission to develop the practical operation of a European wide extra-judicial network for cross-border disputes. And during his time as Director of Consumer Affairs and Professional Development at ABTA – The Travel Association, he oversaw the development of the most successful consumer arbitration scheme in the UK and scrutinised the outcomes of many thousands of mediated and arbitrated travel disputes.

He has many year’s experience providing legal advice to both corporates and consumers, and has amassed a large portfolio of casework as a mediator, adjudicator, conciliator and arbitrator in commercial and consumer disputes in a variety of complex sectors. This combination of experience as an ADR practitioner and of being in the forefront of developing ADR policy means that Keith understands the crucial role ADR plays in delivering redress by way of a quick, balanced, efficient and cost-effective process and leaves the parties feeling confident that the outcome is fair.

His personal dispute resolution style has been described as ‘balanced, practical and thoughtful’ and his key experience is in successfully resolving conflict in emotionally-charged and often seemingly intractable cases ranging across banking, construction, health, communications, funeral services, transport and housing disputes.

He is also one of 22 Ombudsman Services Business to Business Preferred Mediators.

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