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What is a Content Creation Agreement?

A Content Creation Agreement is a legal contract that defines the relationship between two parties - a business and a party providing content creation services. A Content Creation Agreement defines the specifications of the original content to be provided, the timetable for the delivery of the original content, how much these services will cost, who owns the intellectual property used in, and created by, the original content, how the parties will use and share data, the way in which the creator of the original content will post it on its social media channels.

Content Creation Agreements help to protect both parties from any unforeseen events in the future. A comprehensive Content Creation Agreement is important to regulate the relationship between the client and the creator.

When should a Content Creation Agreement be used?

A Content Creation Agreement should be used when a client appoints a third party to create original media content for use in relation to its business and also where it is expected that the creator will also post the original content on its own social media in return for a fee.

What is contained in this Content Creation Agreement?

The Content Creation Agreement includes specific provisions relating to the appointment of the creator by the client to produce the original content and standard provisions for a commercial contract. Specifically it contains the following provisions:

  • Header Information
  • Background
  • Appointment of the creator
  • Obligations of the creator
  • Revisions and Use
  • Obligations of the client
  • Prices and Payment
  • Data Protection
  • Intellectual Property
  • Remedies
  • Termination
  • Effects of Termination
  • Confidentiality
  • Events beyond the control of either party
  • Notice
  • Disputes
  • Entire Agreement
  • Changes to this Agreement
  • Third parties not involved
  • Assignment
  • Signing
  • Schedule

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