Business owners face many challenges

Maybe a contract issue has sprung up, you have questions over the lease for premises or a dispute has arisen that is causing you concern. This is amplified by the current economic conditions and for many, the impact of Brexit. 

All common issues that SMEs face on a regular basis. Adding to this, business rules are also changing. You could be trying to get your head around how to register a trademark, comply with new GDPR rules or hiring workers from the EU.
Getting expert legal advice often makes the difference between success or failure. But the cost for all this sounds pretty expensive!! 

SMEs have spoken

We did some recent market research with YouGov and it produced some striking insight:

  • Up to 20% of SMEs feel that business lawyers do not cater for the needs of smaller businesses
  • Nearly 30% of all business feel that legal fees are overpriced (over 35% in smaller firms)
  • 45% of firms feel that the high cost of legal fees prevent them from engaging with a lawyer

Running a business in the UK, you carefully look after your finances. You deserve the flexibility to sense-check if a legal issue exists and the best approach to tackle it. Our YouGov polling found 80% of early stage businesses (50% of those turning over millions each year) say they would like to avoid the cost of engaging legal work too early - getting sound legal guidance as a first-step before committing.

LawBite changes the game

LawBite Connect is the first service of its kind. Giving you the right type of legal advice, at the right time.
For just £10 a month, you can have a 30 minute discussion with a lawyer, every month.

Find out if a legal problem actually exists, what are your options, how best to resolve a legal issue.

Compared with high street legal firms, we are talking about saving your business £1,500 a year.

Note: Connect is only available to firms in the UK and advice on UK business matters.




Get £10 per hour off any quoted legal work as well as:

  • Access to our library of legal templates
  • Great legal help & support from: webinars, blogs, hints and tips, workshops and master classes

You’ll also be among the first to hear about exclusive discounts from our partner network


LawBite Connect - Simple, Useful, Affordable

  • Are you an early stage or growth business?
  • Deserve expert guidance from experienced lawyers?
  • Want advice fast and without a big outlay?
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Julie Bailey


A wide range of expertise with advice provided in an easy to understand and efficient manner a great business model which is invaluable to our Company. The GDPR service was brilliant.

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Andrea Leupold


Thanks for all your help. I felt well consulted and supported by you and will come back to you for future enquiries around legal matters.

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Brian Wilson


Great service and will definitely use your company again!

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