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Did you know that the Intellectual Property (IP) of a business is sometimes its most important asset? 

Some of the reasons why protecting your IP is important include:
  • all businesses own some form of IP – whether they realise it or not! 
  • failing to register IP can leave your business exposed
  • IP protection is expected when seeking investment, licensing, JV, etc.
  • IP can be valuable – often 70% of a company’s worth lies in intangible assets

At LawBite we know that IP matters are often time-sensitive and can be difficult to navigate. That's the reason why we have designed a free IP E-Book: 'Your Essential Guide to Intellectual Property' to help across all aspects of IP protection.
There is also a really helpful IP legal fitness survey you can take.


How LawBite can help

As part of our intellectual property legal services, our expert lawyers will offer a fixed price intellectual property advice and help you with all aspects of IP protection including:

  • Transactional and contentious IP legal advice
  • Working out what IP you own, when/how the IP was created and by whom
  • Registering and protecting that IP, so other people can’t use or steal it
  • Advising on whether the launch of a new brand is viable and the name is cleared/free to use
  • Making sure you are not at risk of infringing anyone else’s IP
  • Helping to protect and maximise the value of confidential information
  • Helping you commercialise the value of that IP, including via licensing and assignment
  • Negotiating instances of domain name disputes and cybersquatting
  • Advising on the status of IP rights pre and post the Brexit transitional period
  • Advising on IP in the context of corporate transactions

IP matters are often time-sensitive and our lawyers are able to respond quickly and cost-effectively. We provide quick, affordable and easy-to-understand intellectual property legal services. 

In closing

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