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Working For Yourself Doesn’t Mean Working On Your Own

May 26, 2015

Owning and running your own business can be a really liberating and rewarding experience, but the life of an entrepreneur can sometimes feel like a lonely one. Long days and nights spent on your own working on your business can sometimes make you feel isolated from others. However, there is plenty of help and support for small business owners out there who can help lighten your load.


We all sometimes feel lost and need advice on the direction of business. The best people to turn to in such cases are those who have experience of this before and have learnt how to overcome it. We at BES have experienced business coaches (many of whom have run their own businesses previously) who are able to advise entrepreneurs on their business and help overcome any specific obstacles in their way.

We’re also strong advocates of mentoring and it’s great to learn from other people’s mistakes and know what pitfalls to look out for. You can find a local mentor near you via In addition to its startup support package, Virgin StartUp also offers 12 months mentorship for its recipients.


Networking events are also a great way to learn from others too. Not only that, they’re a fantastic means of sharing tips and creating new contacts. Networking in the 21st century doesn’t necessarily mean face-to-face either; connecting with others on Twitter or LinkedIn is a great way to engage with someone new too. Try sending out direct messages to people who share the same interests as you.

Accounting/Legal/Designers/Other Professional services

Entrepreneurs usually have a particular mindset; we believe we can do everything ourselves. This determination is a reason why many entrepreneurs achieve such great things. However, this stubbornness is also why many of us end out of our depth or working on tasks which don’t allow us to do what we do best; which is usually why we started our own business in the first place!

Your time is precious; although doing everything yourself may seem like the most cost-effective approach to work, it’s usually not the most effective or time-efficient. Business services such as accountants, HR consultants and web designers are experts in their field; they are much better equipped to deal with these matters than you are. Yes, there is a cost involved with hiring help, but often the time saved to allow you to focus on building your business nullifies this cost.

We at BES have realised that new startups often don’t know who to turn to when seeking business services, which is why we built a list of trusted partners (LawBite is our legal expert). We also offer exclusive discounts on their services:

Hire an employee

There may come a point in your business when you will have too much to handle on your own; you may need to think about hiring your first employee to help out with the workload. This is very positive; your business is expanding and heading in the right direction! However, it can seem like a daunting experience, particularly if you have never had to manage someone else before. Which route do you go down; an intern? An apprentice? Full-time or part-time? It’s important to think about the cost of paying an additional wage versus the benefits that they may bring.

If you’re unsure on the processes and procedures involved with hiring a new employee, HR consultants such as HR Protected or ACAS can provide help.

You’re never truly alone as an entrepreneur; there is support out there and more often than not, it’s finding the right support for you. Always remember your strengths, accept your own limitations and don’t be afraid to ask for help.


By Kwan Cheung, Business Enterprise Support


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