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  • May 20, 2016

Top Mistakes made by sales people

By Lawbite Team

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With recommendations as to how to avoid!

Having been in sales for over 30 years, working within major blue chip companies, initially as a trainee salesman through to sales & marketing Director and over the last 12 years running my own Training & Coaching business you can probably imagine I’ve see some of the best sales techniques as well as some of the worst. Also personally in my career I’ve closed million pound deals as well as lost some very basic sales that really I should have easily won. ‘painful lessons’ This short pdf is featuring the ‘do-not’s’ has been developed simply because over the last 12 years as a sales trainer and coach it’s the question clients and delegates always ask, “so what should I avoid doing/saying?” Although I have for a long time resisted putting the metaphorical pen to paper on this subject, stating, BUT you always get what you focus on, so lets be positive, talk and focus on what you SHOULD be doing and saying. But those avoidance questions still kept coming. It's something salespeople feel they should know, so who am I to deny their need  Before I start to list these ‘No, No’s’ I believe it is important to stress our sales philosophy, in that, sales is very much a two-party process, the customer and the salesperson! We believe the start point is definitely the salesman and his/her mindset. This is why we start the majority of our training interventions whether they are one to one’s, group workshops or seminars with how to eliminate limiting beliefs. These are the self-imposed limitations many of us unconsciously carry with us into the sales process. They will quite often undermine the salesman’s chances of a successful outcome before they even lift the phone or enter the customer’s doors. It really doesn’t matter if you know all the very best sales techniques if you don’t use them, or use them in the right way! The good news is there are tried and tested techniques you can use to totally eliminate them and significantly improve your chances of success.   We also cover how we all ‘make decisions’ (buyers/prospects/us). Neuro science has dramatically advanced over recent years due to extensive research and of course the advent of FMRI scans. This knowledge means we have a much better insight into the human beings mechanism for decision making. Because knowing this gives us the best opportunity to positively influence the outcome wouldn’t it be crazy not to use it? Add this to powerful NLP persuasion & influencing techniques built around 21st-century psychology of communication and the delegates will instinctively feel more confident and motivated in the sale process. Ok, so what are the biggest pitfalls that our intrepid sales people plunge into? To read more Nigel Heald - Head of training at Build a UK Business. As a former Sales Director, Nigel is used to supporting his team to achieve their goals, then in 2004 Nigel turned this skill into coaching and training business owners, sales people, managers, supervisors and customer service staff.  

In closing

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