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NEW Free Legal Health Check: De-risk your business

June 13, 2017

Who could predict the 2017 General Election results? It seems like every time there is a crucial decision to be made, the world keeps us second-guessing. But in these uncertain times you shouldn’t be putting your business at risk. Protecting your investment by checking your contracts, understanding your legal obligations and de-risking your organisation isn’t the most thrilling part of your business venture but it is very important.

To help you identify your biggest risks we’ve created a completely FREE legal health check tool for businesses.  It’s a simple, quick, online tool that identifies any areas where you are routinely losing money from commercial legal issues and helps you minimise your risk of future losses.  Upon completion, you receive a comprehensive report, clearly outlining areas of risk, allowing you to prioritise where action is needed.  The report will also compare your results to the survey respondents, giving some industry benchmarks and allowing you to get a feel of how you compare to other businesses.

As an SME business owner in any industry, tackling legal issues properly (as well as guarding against them) could save you thousands of pounds a year. You’re far more likely to have a legal issue than any insurance claim (but you wouldn’t forget to take out insurance cover) and the biggest as well as the most expensive legal issues are often easily preventable.

So don’t leave your business’s health to chance, take our free Legal Health check now and find out how you could minimise your risk. Once you have completed your legal health check and been emailed your report, you’ll also receive one month free of our Access plan!