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Over a year ago we were honoured to be approached by renowned international publishers Wiley to write the latest edition in their infamous For Dummies series. Cue 6 months of intense research, writing and editing by our very own Clive Rich and his fantastic supporters. And so, finally, we're very pleased to announce that the book is now available to purchase in all major booksellers, online and offline including Waterstones, WHSmith and Amazon, retailing at £19.99. Plus we have around 200 to sell from our website for less than the Amazon price at £12.50+p&p. You can purchase it here.

Why should I buy the book?! I hear you cry. 'I already know everything there is to know about the law and my business you explain. Well, did you know that it is illegal in the course of business to import into England potatoes which he knows to be or has reasonable cause to suspect to be of Polish origin. All jokes aside (and in the typical For Dummies style there are plenty of those to keep it interesting) there are invaluable nuggets of wisdom throughout to keep your business safe and sound.

 This book is a fantastic asset for the savvy entrepreneur who is just starting out on their start-up journey and needs a hand understanding their legals in an uncomplicated accessible way. Even if you're a fully fledged business, this book will act as a useful reference guide for any changes in your company and to help ensure that you are keeping to your legal obligations (e.g. when taking on a new employee).

Did you know legal problems hit UK small businesses for £100 billion a year? That's a whole lot of time, money and energy you that is better spent on your business needs. Law For Small Business For Dummies is an up-to-date resource written by an expert lawyer without the hefty price tag - so there's no excuse for you to get caught out!

 To celebrate the launch of our book, we had a little get-together and invited the friends of LawBite to join. Clive was on top form as usual and I am led to believe everyone had a good time.

If you're interested in purchasing the book or simply want to find out more about it, visit our official Law For Small Business For Dummies page.

Oh and if you do happen to purchase and would like to leave a review (particularly on Amazon), we would be forever grateful!

Lizzie Knight

Head of Marketing LawBite

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