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  • June 17, 2020

International Women's Day Celebration | A 360° View of the Women of LawBite

A lot of incredible women work for and with LawBite. In the spirit of International Women’s Day 2018, we thought we’d introduce you to the stories of a client, a couple of employees and a LawBrief (LawBite lawyer!) to celebrate their success! LawBite is a keen supporter of diversity and flexible working, which is why we attract so much top female talent to the organisation. These women have helped the organisation to grow and succeed. Technology is a fantastic enabler and the below stories highlight why…

LawBite Client – Colleen Wong, Owner of Tech Sixty Four

"What's been great for me as a working Mother running her own business is the time and cost saving I've gained by working with LawBite. I'm very busy and I generally have little time for admin tasks and I of course have limited budget. As a young business we've needed lots of quality legal support but have also needed it to be cost effective. The LawBriefs I've worked with have also been working mothers who really get our product and the value of what we provide to families. Their passion for Tech Sixty Four's products has come through in our interactions, which has made working with them a really enjoyable experience.”

LawBite Head of Partnerships – Jo Fortune
"It can be really tough for working mothers juggling a career and family, you end up being pulled in lots of directions with your mind processing a million thoughts and tasks! Despite the fact that many workplaces offer flexible working, in my experience it's not the reality and working parents are put under a lot of pressure and stress with the inevitable juggling act. I can honestly say that LawBite has offered me true flexible working, providing me with the necessary support to co-ordinate my work and home life as well as empowering me to do my job. Being a working parent is never going to be easy but flexible working helps immensely. I knew when I had my son that although I loved being a mother I still wanted to work and develop in my career and working for LawBite has allowed me to do both, happy Mum happy home!"

LawBite Digital Marketing Manager – Paulina Wasiak
I am PauLina Wasiak. I am originAlly from Poland. We celebrate 'name days in Poland'. My LawBite colleagues embrace this and make me feel at home. I have been at LaWbite since August 2017. I work with a number of fantastic women, both clients and colleagues. Lots of girl power! I am very passionate aBout the Digital World. SEO, PPC and Social Media are my middle names. It's not just a male domain here. I listen to our amazing audIence carefully. The Human to Human approach is my priority. This is a great feminine attribute. I am addicted to Argentinian Tango. LawBite's flexible working is perfect in terms of my class schedule! Keeping me on my toes. I am very proud of my biggest achievEments at LawBite. See below to admire my ‘balancing act’ as a busy woman in 2018.

            LawBite LawBrief – Carla Caroli
“My name is Carla and I am corporate and commercial LawBrief. I am the mother of a 3 1/2 year old princess who is learning that true princesses are strong, brave and kind. I am the wife of a great man who had the courage to embrace life overseas with me. I am a professional who has always loved her career and the impact her work can make to other people’s lives. I am one of the millions of women who work everyday to find a balance between all their different roles, selves, passions and wishes with the honesty and humbleness to accept that “having it all” is an impossible myth. Working at LawBite - a digital law firm totally engaged with the advantages of remote and flexible work - fits really well with my journey towards this balance. I have the beautiful challenge of assisting amazing entrepreneurs in their own journey and I can do it from anywhere in the world, at the time that suits me better and without leaving out that exciting feeling of a deadline for an important job. After all, as many women, I don’t want flexibility to do less. Rather the contrary - we want flexibility to do more in a smoother way. Wish us all a balanced, flexible and smooth International Women’s Day!”

Thank you Colleen, Jo, Paulina and Carla! Did you know that over 70% of our expert legal team are women and are all at partner level with over 10 years’ experience on average? That’s in comparison to 29% of partners at larger firms being female, according to the SRA’s recent 

survey on the diversity of law firms. To consult with any of our wonderful LawBriefs, you can submit an enquiry here for a free 15 minute consultation. Wishing everyone a great International Women’s Day! The LawBite Team

In closing

Nothing in this article constitutes legal advice on which you should rely. The article is provided for general information purposes only. Professional legal advice should always be sought before taking any action relating to or relying on the content of this article. Our Platform Terms of Use apply to this article.

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