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LawBite Multi-User Feature | How To Use

November 6, 2018

LawBite’s Multi-User feature allows businesses to manage all their legal requirements from a single company account.

Multi-User provides up to 50 individual logins for the same company, with two levels of access: Company Manager and Company Member.


Company Managers can:

  • Create new files
  • See all files
  • Assign Company Members to files
  • Invite new Members to the company account
  • Change a Company Member’s access to Company Manager
  • Activate, deactivate or remove users
  • Approve and pay quotes

Company Members can:

  • Comment and view files they are assigned to
  • Create new files
  • Download unlimited documents

To access the Multi-User feature you need a LawBite subscription Plan:



When you log on to our legal portal you will see a new section called ‘My company’.

multi-user screen grab

Here, you will be able to enter your company’s information, billing details, access your orders and add other staff to the account.

multi-user screen grab

In the Users section, you can view the current number of Active, Remaining and Invited Users, making it easy to manage access for your company members.

multi-user screen grab

Here you can also update their status to Company Manager, if you require more than one person having quote approval and paying rights.

multi-user screen grab

When you navigate to your Dashboard area, you will see all legal enquiries currently in process.

multi-user screen grab

Selecting the View all button will take you to the section where Company Managers can allocate enquiries to the different Company Members. All you need to do is drag the name of the user you want to handle the enquiry. There can be more than one user assigned to it. Here you can also change the users assigned to the case by dragging their name back to the right hand side column.

multi-user screen grab

The new multi-user feature adds greater flexbility, allowing multitasking and a journey towards solving all your legal queries swiftly.

If you have any queries about multi-user or would like to receive expert business legal advice, please do enter an enquiry online or call us today on 020 7148 1066 to speak to a member of our friendly Client Care Team.

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