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  • September 15, 2021

How to Run a Data Subject Access Request (SAR)

Whether you are a small, medium, or large organisation, receiving a subject access request (SAR) or data subject access request (DSAR) and handling it in the correct manner can be extremely time-consuming for your staff.  

What is a SAR or DSAR?

The Data Protection Act 2018 states that data subjects have the right to ask organisations if they are holding and/or processing personal data concerning them and, if so, to request details on and access to that information. 

What is included in a Data Subject Access Request response?

When responding to a SAR/DSAR, it is not enough just to send copies of the information held on the requesting person.  Rather, the law states that more information should be provided within the response, including:

  • what you are doing with the data and why
  • the legal basis for storing the personal data
  • the types of personal data used
  • who the personal data has been passed to (including recipients or categories of recipients in third countries or international organisations)
  • how long it is expected that the personal data will be stored or, where that is not possible, the criteria used to determine that period
  • the existence of the data subject’s rights to request from the controller

How to run a Data Subject Access Request?

You will typically have one month to respond to a request, however, it is possible to extend this period to two months if the information required is particularly complex. There are several steps in processing a DSAR request:

  1. check the identity of the requestor and ensure they have legal permission to make the request.
  2. clarify the request if it is not clear - this will provide some reassurance to the requestor that you are handling the case.
  3. identify all forms of personal data held on the data subject by the organisation.
  4. check if any of the information held is subject to exemption (e.g. data relating to safeguarding or national defence).
  5. ensure that any data is securely disclosed (especially where it is sent by electronic means).
  6. keep and retain records of the decision made and the information provided.

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Additional useful information

How to Gain Consent Under the GDPR

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