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Being an SME can be a veritable minefield when it comes to getting solid business legal advice. With soaring prices and notoriously bad reputations, finding a trustworthy and affordable lawyer can be a daunting task for any business. Fortunately, we have had the pleasure of working with LawBite since the beginning of our journey back in May 2014. They have been our premier legal service partner and have offered us an immeasurable amount of indispensable advice and support throughout our journey.

Clive Rich, LawBite’s founder and chairman, has always been hugely supportive of our mission and very hands on when we encountered some nefarious companies. E Marketing from Gateway2digital During our time as partners we have worked with them at Events from Olympia to Excel to Bristol to IFB2016 and we have even hosted our own Networking Events in London from 2014-2016, such as Law V Finance.

We also helped to support them in their quest to raise investment in 2016 and from our email marketing campaign attracted 25 serious Investors. Finally, I supported Clive at his Book launch in 2016 ‘Law for Small Business for Dummies and promoted it for them using my Virgin #VOOM 2016 winner LawBite’s no-nonsense advice came in extremely useful when we came into dispute with a large US-based lead generation company. This company promised us the world and were great at events and on the telephone. They appeared to be the perfect fit for us. However, as soon as we signed up they went quiet. They weren’t delivering on their promises and it quickly became apparent that they weren’t all they claimed to be. To add to all of this the customer service became non-existent and it seemed as if they were doing their utmost to ignore us.

When you are a small business and you have invested a large monthly sum in a system that is not delivering it can become very disheartening and confusing. Fortunately, we were able to turn to Clive for help. He immediately took our plight on and got hands on with the issue, he dealt with them swiftly and it prompted a senior member of staff to finally contact me. It’s reassuring to know that LawBite have our backs and will take on the big boys who cost us money but don’t deliver (you know who we mean)!

Unfortunately, lightning struck twice and I found myself in the need of LawBite’s services once again in 2016. In Autumn 2015 I had subcontracted part of the Events Management for IFB2016 which was to be delivered in June 2016. Once again, due to their failure to deliver on their promises we had to sack the company in January 2016. After a lot of back and forth and an understanding built on the wonderful personal relationship that we had developed with the previous CEO we agreed to work with them once again. Come April 2016 we were working with this events management company to deliver at the international business event. It started off well but eventually the burden of their role fell on myself and my own staff.

After the event, I decided, as advised by my staff, to re-negotiate their fee as I had incurred penalties from the event because of their lack of professionalism. However, they would not accept my offer so LawBite were brought in to resolve the situation. The best part was that LawBite did the work at a cost that was 10% of what a high street commercial law firm would charge. Dispute resolution LawBrief Adam Welsh from LawBite took control of the whole situation from start to finish and even acted as a mediator to negotiate a final settlement. It only took 2 weeks rather than 2 years and saved me money needed for my cash flow for 2017 to grow my business.

LawBite’s innovative platform allows you to share letters, documents and comments on line within your own secure account. Best of all you can speak to them on the phone and set up a consultation with one of their specialised lawyers, a fantastic personal touch. They care about small businesses and didn’t rip us off by charging exorbitant fees. They allowed us to grow by managing a small dispute that could have closed my company down after all my hard work and investment. For the future, no matter how small the dispute, always have a contract in place, even for friends, and bring LawBite in as soon as you sense an issue. For a small price, it will save you thousands of pounds, your reputation and your business.

Karen Gould, Gateway2digital Gateway2Enterprise    

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