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FREE Legal Health Check To Save You Money

August 21, 2018

The LawBite FREE Legal Health Check is one of our most useful features. The Health Check only takes about 10 minutes to complete and it’s quite straightforward to do. You receive a personalised report that explains what legal risks your business may be exposed to. This can prove vital to the long-term survival of your business.

Many business legal issues are preventable and the LawBite Health Check with an expert lawyer will make sure there are no holes in your boat!

The main purpose of the Legal Health Check is to:

1)   Identify areas of legal risk for your business
2)  Highlight where additional professional legal measures will provide the most value

The Health Check

Research that LawBite has recently conducted with YouGov revealed that UK SMEs lose £13.6 Billion a year from failure to address their commercial legal needs. Many of the legal risk areas that business owners need to think about are covered by the Legal Health Check tool, including:

Debt Recovery
Intellectual Property
Trading Contracts

Once you have completed the Legal Health Check the results will be assessed by an expert LawBrief lawyer and you will then receive a free 15-minute follow-up consultation which will focus on your specific business legal advice requirements.

Your Free Report

The report compares your individual business’ results to those from respondents in our YouGov research into how much money businesses lose by not taking care of their legal work efficiently. Being able to explain to clients what their position is in relation to industry benchmarks is invaluable in focusing on what specific legal work should be focused on for maximum benefit to their business.

The Survey’s results have been analysed by the Centre of Economics and Business Research (CEBR) and you can view a humorous summary of the data by top impressionist Darren Altman on our Youtube channel.

Other Free Resources You Receive

As well as a  free consultation with a lawyer to discuss your report you will also gain access to unlimited free document templates and initial advice consultations for a limited time period.

In Summary

Having worked as an in-house lawyer for a number of years for different companies, I am used to working with a variety of business owners and recognise the importance of having a thorough understanding of their businesses to provide the most efficient and valuable legal advice possible.

When I speak to clients about their completed Legal Health Check and its results, I have much more information about their specific business needs and any legal risks, and I’m able to bring more value to the discussion in a far quicker time in comparison to when taking on a new matter cold from the start.

This straightforward process will help you to identify your business’ biggest risks. Clients who I have worked with have found it a simple and quick tool to use and, for me as a lawyer, it means I can identify areas where your business routinely loses money in its legal matters – that’s one of the most important benefits no matter what you do!

To consult with LawBrief lawyer Alla, please submit an enquiry for a free 15-minute consultation or call us on 020 7148 1066.

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