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I started to work with the LawBite platform as a LawBrief having worked for many years as senior in-house counsel in a variety of different sectors and organisations. As an in-house lawyer I have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly of instructing and managing external legal advisers. In my experience, there are a number of key benefits which an external legal partner such as LawBriefs, which is fully SRA regulated, can offer to in-house counsel at organisations of whatever size. You may have used traditional legal firms in the past and feel like running for the hills at the thought of contacting external lawyers for advice. Engaging external lawyers can be challenging. I know, I’ve been there! You may have nervously watched the costs creep up with every passing hour and/or felt that their advice didn’t quite hit the mark, as they didn’t understand your business, requirements, priorities or concerns. Perhaps the advice seemed over-complicated, uncommercial, confusing or full of legal jargon rather than practical and solutions driven. You also may have experienced the frustrating situation where the senior lawyer you met is not the person who then provides your advice or draft documents. At LawBite we do things differently. Our LawBriefs are passionate about plain speaking, active listening and understanding your needs to deliver affordable, tailored solutions driven advice that is easy to understand. 
  • Experience 
LawBriefs have on average 10 years post-qualification experience, so you get the benefit of a diverse range of LawBriefs, expert in their legal fields with a background of working with businesses to understand their needs. The LawBrief you instruct is the person who will carry out the work. 
  • Value for money 
You will receive a free no obligation 15-minute phone call with a LawBrief, followed quickly by an online quote. All charges are up front, on a fixed fee basis and completely transparent. You don’t have to worry about a ticking clock of chargeable hours. LawBite fees are typically 50% or less of the fees of a traditional law firm. There are further discounts if you choose to subscribe to one of LawBite’s pricing plans. 
  • Simple, timely and accessible 
We know time is precious and everyone at LawBite is focused on delivering timely focused support to you. The easy to access 24/7 online platform and free of charge LawBite App makes it easy to communicate, exchange documents and access the user-friendly standard document templates. You can easily stay in touch with your LawBrief and get a quick answer to any straightforward questions. To help us to help you, here are some tips to bear in mind to maximise your LawBite experience: 
  • Involve us early
The earlier you involve us in a legal matter that is causing you concern, the better placed we will be to maximise the effectiveness of our advice. We may be able to provide a quick, cost-effective fix that prevents the matter from escalating into a more costly, complicated matter or we may be able to allay your immediate fears but be ready and on standby to assist at the point you need our input. Don’t be afraid to utilise the free 15-minute phone call for this purpose, you can do this by entering a business legal advice enquiry
  • Provide context 
Provide us with some background to your business and the particular matter you need advice on. What are the key risks that concern you? What does success look like for you in this matter? What are your priorities? This will allow your LawBrief to give focused, pragmatic and commercial advice relevant to your business and specifically addressed to your concerns and priorities. I would recommend taking a few minutes to complete the free Legal Health Check which helps identifies potential risks to your business and areas where you can save on your current legal spending, you can read about some of the benefits of the Health Check here.
  • Keep us informed
Make your LawBrief aware of any timescales or critical dates that must be met and any changes to these as the matter progresses. If at any time, your requirements change or increase, tell your LawBrief so that any “scope creep” can be managed to minimise additional costs and potential delay getting you the advice you need. 
  • Give feedback
We welcome feedback at any time and will do what we can to remedy the situation. Once your LawBrief has completed the agreed work, LawBite will ask you for feedback. Your feedback is invaluable as it allows us to improve our services. If there is something you found worked really well or something you think could be better, we want to know. If you are happy with your LawBrief, let them know! You can view the author of this article LawBrief lawyer Jennifer Cowan's biography. To consult with Jennifer or to ask a general legal question please do make an online enquiry or call us on 020 7148 1066.

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