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With just over a month to go until the new General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) comes into force, talk about what needs to be done and how it could impact your business has reached fever pitch. The focus in the press has been on arduous tasks such as sifting through reams and reams of historical records to establish whether or not consent has been obtained, and if so whether or not that consent remains adequate. And that’s without adding in the talk of huge fines and ICO investigations. So, you can easily be forgiven if you feel you are already suffering from GDPR fatigue!     

But is the GDPR and the changes it brings really all bad?
If you’re in the midst of a GDPR audit within your business you may feel that this is a ludicrous suggestion but take a deep breath and read on for a more positive slant on GDPR and how embracing it can be positive for a business.

GDPR is all about accountability, transparency and good governance. Much has been made of the resource and management time required to get up to speed with GDPR but the fact is, policies and procedures do need to be reviewed from time to time and GDPR gives businesses the opportunity to take stock. See it as a company ‘health-check’, so are current procedures really working, can processes be streamlined, are your policies clear and understood by those on the ground using them? What may feel like short term pain can lead to long term gains with clear, concise, customer-focused practices making for an altogether more efficient business.

A positive impact on company culture
While it is down to those in the most senior management positions to lead the way in implementing new working practices and ensuring GDPR compliance, engaging with your employees and educating them on the legislation is a great way to develop them as individuals and to promote a company-wide culture where protecting privacy and good working practices are the norm. Encouraging employees to take greater responsibility for their actions can have a knock-on positive effect on morale. And we all know happy employees make the best employees.   

Finally and probably most importantly, at the very heart of GDPR is the principal of giving individuals back control of their data. All organisations are in the same boat in terms of needing to get their house in order but if you can set yourself apart from your competitors by adopting a proactive approach to GDPR this sends a clear signal that you are taking your responsibilities seriously and that you respect your customers’ rights. If you are doing a good job with GDPR then the implication is you are doing other things well too! All of this builds trust and in turn can consolidate existing or develop new client relationships leading to greater business opportunities. What’s not to like?

So there can be a happy ending to your GDPR journey after all, you get out what you put in and Good Data handling Protects Relationships.

To consult with Jessica, please submit an enquiry for a free 15-minute consultation or call our friendly team today on 020 7148 1066. If you want to find out more about the GDPR and how to ensure your business is compliant, register here for our upcoming GDPR webinar on Weds 18th April 2018. Please be aware that spaces are limited!

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