Clive Rich: The Law and Social Good

October 22, 2014

Our founder Clive Rich features on the latest episode of The Legal Review.

He explains what’s wrong with traditional law firms which are expensive, alienate the client and often complicate issues rather than simplifying them. Clive outlines the LawBite manifesto, which aims to change the way the law works for small business and combine “the law and social good”.

Clive Rich is a highly experienced entertainment and digital media lawyer, who has also successfully run digital businesses for companies such as Sony and Bertelsmann. A qualified barrister, he has been a lawyer for almost 30 years and has drafted and crafted contracts for a broad spectrum of multi-nationals, major organisations and brands, including Yahoo, Apple, Napster, SanDisk, Myspace and the BBC. He founded LawBite in 2012 to bring high-quality legal services to Britain’s SME community, which Clive saw as being under-served by traditional law firms.

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