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  • July 28, 2021

Can an Employer Change Company Policy Without Notice?


By Lawbite Team

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As a business owner, you may be interested in changing your company policy and wondering how it will affect your employees. In this LawBite article post, we will discuss company policies and whether or not an employer can change company policies without notice. 

Policies play a significant role in defining a business approach to a variety of issues. A policy aids in decision making and assists employees, contractors, and others with whom you work in adhering to guidelines and understanding codes of practice. 

What is a company policy? 

Many company policies are mandated by law. Companies must adhere to equal opportunity, health and safety, equality and diversity, as well as discipline/dismissal and grievance procedures. 

A company, on the other hand, can create its own policies to outline its approach. Examples include a code of conduct policy. This policy specifies how employees of the company should conduct themselves on a daily basis. This policy may have an impact on daily operations, core values, and company culture. 

When a company creates a policy, a common question that many companies have is, "Can an employer change company policy without notice?" 

Can an Employer change Company Policy without notice? 

When a company develops a policy, they should include a statement in the policy stating that they reserve the right to change their policy at any time and without notice. Any policy, such as an employee handbook, HR policy, and so on. 

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However, if a company changes a policy without giving notice, it may cause complications and a breach of policy. 

Do I need to notify employees of changes in company policy? 

If an employer changes its policies, notifying employees of the changes is best practice. 

If an employee is not aware of a new company policy, they may disregard it. This could result in a policy violation and an unfair dismissal. Employees may become dissatisfied with their employer's lack of communication if policy changes are not communicated to them. 

Some companies may require employees to acknowledge policy changes in writing after they have been changed in order to demonstrate understanding of the policy changes. This can help to avoid breaches and employee dissatisfaction. 

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