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My name's Alla Fairbrother and I am one of the LawBrief lawyers who work through the LawBite platform, you can see my full LawBrief profile here. Having worked as an in-house lawyer in a few different sectors and with many legal advice providers, I can say the LawBite platform offers a refreshingly different approach to providing quality business legal advice as dispensed by LawBrief lawyers. LawBite's services benefit from features that you would not find in a typical law firm. Expert and experienced solicitors, barristers, mediators and arbitrators LawBriefs is a fully SRA regulated law firm that provides legal services to businesses and has expert and experienced solicitors, barristers, mediators and arbitrators - meet the lawyers. LawBriefs lawyers have an average of at least 10 years of post-qualification experience in their chosen fields which means that clients get the benefit of senior experienced lawyers for their legal needs. In practice, it means that I can do all the work within my areas of expertise rather than following the traditional law firms’ approach of delegating work to more junior lawyers and then supervising their work, meaning that LawBite services are quick and clients will only pay for one lawyer’s time on a file rather than paying for a team of lawyers of different seniority. Read here about how LawBite works. Speedy communication I find that everybody working for LawBite, including administrators who are trained paralegals, the management team and other functions, as well as the LawBrief lawyers, have a sense of urgency and are focused in delivering timely advice to LawBite's clients. Once a client submits their enquiry, one of LawBite's administrators will typically be in touch within 2 working hours. They will then match the enquiry with the right LawBrief lawyer. Free no obligation 15 minutes discussion with a lawyer This initial discussion works great for me as I know I can understand my clients’ businesses better and quicker, give them some answers and agree on the scope of any work that they would like me to do, such as drafting documents for them or putting together written advice. You can enter an enquiry and get your free 15-minute consultation here. Quotes issued quickly LawBrief lawyers and administrators aim to issue quotes on the same day as the initial conversation with one of the LawBrief lawyers, to make sure that there are no unnecessary delays for clients. Fixed fee quotes that are easy to pay LawBite clients find this feature really helpful as they know in advance exactly how much particular legal services, such as drafting or reviewing a document, are going to cost them. From my own perspective, as a lawyer, it's good to know that the payment has been dealt with first so I can concentrate on a client’s file without having to keep thinking about chargeable hours which will then be sent to them afterwards. Easy to access 24/7 online Platform and free of charge LawBite App I find that lawyer-client communication is really good with LawBite. The secure online platform holds all the necessary information and communications and the App makes it very easy to communicate with LawBite clients quickly. 

Simple and accessible legal advice LawBite clients often comment how simple and straightforward LawBite standard documents are and how the advice given makes sense. Here is an article published by The Telegraph on how LawBite keeps law simple.  Great value I am proud to work for a law firm that provides such great value for its clients as the fees are typically 50% or less of the fees of a “normal” high street law firms. There are also further discounts if clients choose to subscribe to one of LawBite's pricing plans. From a personal perspective, working for LawBite has allowed me to continue my career as a solicitor helping businesses with legal advice and support, while still pursuing other passions in my life, such as spending time with my family and property development. 

To consult with LawBrief lawyer Alla, please submit an enquiry for a free 15-minute consultation or call us on 020 7148 1066. 

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