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Alternative Financing for Business – Gateway2Enterprise February 2017

April 13, 2017

Alternative Financing for Business – Gateway2Enterprise February 2017


Now securely into 2017 with a murmur of spring within earshot – Gateway2enterprise provide the ‘need to knows’ for alternative growth financing that your business can benefit from.

Making the leap in business is not a 1-time experience – from starting to employ to scaling up internationally, all businesses will go through drastic changes that mostly or in part will require financing. The source and type of growth investment depends upon your business requirements and its history – however, realising growth through finance is not just a simple cash injection…

In December 2016 we reached out to our members with a survey, asking what they viewed as their TOP five BARRIERS which could prevent them from growing their company in 2017 – and in that TOP 5 was Finance/investment options.


Alternative Financing Options



Cash flow is king, (or reality, depending on whom you talk to!)… Our resident Cash Flow Guru has been in the business for over 40 years and will guarantee to find the best possible deal that suits your business. Quotations are free without obligation…

An alternative lifeline to small and medium sized business is also available from Just Cash Flow, another of Gateway2enterprises premier partners who offer an alternative to a bank overdraft or business loan with up to a £500,000 funding solution to support your business growth. Interest rates are from just 0.05% per day – and you are free to repay without penalty, so the sooner you repay – the less interest you pay.


  1. Pension-Led Funding

If you as a business owner you hold a decent sized pension pot – this can be leveraged for property purchase or acquisition. Moreover – this ‘loan’ can potentially provide a higher rate of return for the pension itself, as the business lends to itself with an agreed interest rate.

You can also utilise pension funds as a ‘silent partner’ for your business by visiting Clifton Asset (the UK Market Leader in pension-led funding), they create an arrangement that ensures whether you wish to invest in new machinery or software, recruitment, a franchise business, or to provide working capital, the flexibility is available from your funds.



Gateway2enterprise work with VC organisations and individuals that can invest in your business. This usually works by the investor claiming a percentage of your business for the funds injected. Some of these VC investors will add value to your offering by bringing expertise to your sector and field. However, do not expect an insightful input as standard, as some VC investors prefer to stay silent, purely adding financials to your armoury.


Growth Finance and Support for Business – that Works

Options for business growth finance in 2017 are vast – and choosing your route to funds can be daunting. Gateway2enterprise support accelerated growth within the SME sector, whether you are a young business looking to scale up, or an established firm with clear growth plans. We will help your business grow further.

Gateway2enterprise continuously profile candidates from all of the following investor types:

  • Accelerators (those that actually put money into their cohorts)
  • Crowdfunding platforms
  • Angel networks
  • Syndicates
  • Venture capital funds
  • Private equity firms
  • Family offices
  • Corporate investors

Joining us on our UK Let’s Dance Crowdfunding Tour is the Nordic powerhouse INVESDOR. With a huge appetite for investing in the UK and Europe – INVESDOR boast in excess of 50,000 investors and has raised more than 27m Euros across 2,000 applications. Their Equity offering issues new shares will sell ownership and voting rights in your company with no interest paid. They also provide marketing benefits such as visibility and brand ambassadors.


Gateway2enterprise Investment Matching Platform

By answering six simple questions, our complex algorithm matches your business to the perfect investor. For a monthly or annual membership, you can have access to a network of investors at your fingertips – click here for our investment-matching platform.

Our platform of investors sits in excess of 400, and rises steadily on a monthly basis –Gateway2enterprise will provide 1-2-1 support, ensuring that all necessary preparation is complete for the investor.

Our dedicated finance/investment team will also help you streamline the investment process by assisting with:


Preparing your Pitch Deck (overview of your business)

  • Cash Flow
  • Traction / Sales Forecasts
  • Business Plan
  • Marketing Strategy (online/offline)
  • Pitch Coaching



We have over 200 Private Investors listed (who we know on first name terms) and we have their permission to select specific business opportunities they are looking to invest in.

We pitch your business to them. We arrange the meeting, follow up, and even bring in our legal team LawBite to support the investment process, with our team on hand to advise you every step of the way… Contact us to find out more.

By collaborating with our experienced business support team, you will benefit from advice that delivers sustainable growth. Support from us comes in many forms such as strategy, sales, marketing and financial advice – we also hold many connections to investment markets that will aid you to find the best fit for your business.

Gateway2enterprise will help scale up your business with our network of alternative finance options, investor preparation and streamline support. Your journey starts here.