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As a small business owner, you’ll know that clarity and precision in your business agreements is paramount. However, over time, circumstances can change, and the terms of a contract may need adjustments.

This is where an "addendum to a contract" comes into play. Contracts evolve with the changing landscape, and an addendum offers a practical and efficient way to incorporate changes without dismantling the original agreement. 

This article provides an overview guide of what an addendum to a contract is, how it might differ from a contract amendment, what to look out for and guidance on how to write one.

What’s an addendum to a contract?

An addendum to a contract is an additional document that modifies, clarifies or supplements the terms of an existing contract without nullifying the original agreement. Think of it as an extension, addressing new developments or unforeseen situations that have arisen since the initial contract was signed. Unlike a minor amendment intended to simply alter the original terms, an addendum adds new provisions or terms that weren’t part of the original contract.

Addendum example

Consider a scenario – a small business hires a freelancer to create a website, outlining payment upon completion of the work and the original contract reflects that. 

However, during the project, the business requests additional features, and the parties agree a new set of terms around those additional features. It’s in these types of circumstances that an addendum could be used. 

An addendum can specify the new features, their associated costs and a revised timeline, ensuring a fair and documented understanding between the parties involved regarding the revised project.

Contract addendum vs. amendment

A common question arises – ‘What’s the difference between an addendum and an amendment?’ An amendment changes existing terms, while an addendum introduces new ones. An amendment might alter the payment structure in a supply contract, changing the original agreement but on an isolated issue or in a relatively simplistic fashion. On the other hand, an addendum might detail how intellectual property rights for a new, jointly-created product will be shared, adding to the initial contract but without changing its core terms.

Is an addendum to a contract legally binding?

Yes. An addendum to a contract is legally binding once all parties involved agree and sign it. Just like the original contract, an addendum becomes a legally enforceable document that outlines the rights and responsibilities of each party. Ensuring clear language and mutual consent is key to avoiding future disputes.

How to write an addendum to a contract

1. Identify the need

Determine the reason for the addendum. Is it to add new terms and conditions to an existing agreement or just a simple amendment?

2. Reference the original document

Clearly state the title, date, and parties of the original agreement.

3. Explain the changes

Detail the new terms concisely. Use simple language and refer to the original contract's sections, if applicable.

4. Be specific

Avoid ambiguity. Define any technical terms, describe new obligations, or outline the changed circumstances. If the same definitions are used as in the original agreement, then state this to make it clear.

5. State consideration

Like any contract, generally, an addendum requires consideration, even if it's nominal. Specify what each party gains from the addendum.

6. Review and approval

Share the draft with all parties involved and welcome feedback. Ensure everyone understands the changes and all parties agree to them.

7. Sign and attach

Once approved, all parties must sign the contract. Attach it to the original contract for a seamless overall agreement.

Get legal assistance from LawBite

An addendum is a powerful tool for adjusting the course without the hassle of re-negotiating an entire contract. Whether it's incorporating evolving project requirements or accommodating unforeseen circumstances, an addendum allows for flexibility while keeping the business relationship intact.

Our team of seasoned contract lawyers are positioned to provide comprehensive support for your business needs. Whether you require the creation of meticulous addendums to enhance your agreements or seek a thorough review of your current contracts, we’re dedicated to helping you with your legal needs.

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