Modern Law for the New Business

As you start out on your journey with a new venture or you are beginning to trade, there is no doubt that a strong legal foundation gives you the best chance of getting your business off the ground.

Many of our customers (there are thousands of them) tell us that they find traditional law is complex and often full of hidden charges. LawBite is different. We use the latest on-line tools and advanced data science to streamline the legal experience for SMEs, delivering expert legal advice that is:

  • Easier to access
  • Clearer to understand
  • Much more affordable

You get the expert legal advice your firm needs, top-flight lawyers with 15+ years post qualification experience, delivered faster and cheaper. Innovation is in our DNA, so we are going even further. 

A good number of new business struggle in their first year and our research has shown that affordable legal advice is a real game-changer. SMEs face an average of 8 legal issues every year, so not dealing with these promptly can hold back your business and open you up to further risks.

You tell us that budgeting for things like legal advice can be very difficult, but it is something you really need. Therefore, we are making it really easy for you with an amazing offer.

Unlimited legal advice: at a low, fixed price

We believe this is the first offer of its kind, especially at this low price. A new type of legal subscription:

  • All your business legal needs covered for 12 months
  • Free UK company formation and secretarial (saving £10 / month)
  • Unlimited access to our legal documents and templates
  • UK cases

All for a low one-off payment of £1,200 (plus VAT), with a 12-month contract.

What can I use LawBite First for?

All your commercial legal needs for your business: Contract Reviews, Shareholder Agreements, Employment Contracts, Managing Disputes, Commercial Property Leases, and much more.

What we don’t cover is 3rd party costs. For example (but not limited to) Commercial Property Stamp Duty and Statutory Filings, Trademark Search and Registrations.

Also, we don’t cover overseas cases in the LawBite First subscription. We do have a network of international lawyers and we are well placed to help, but that work would be quoted separately.

Do you qualify?

Initially, First will only be available to UK businesses in their first year of operation. 

To clarify, if it is 7 months since you started your business, the LawBite First subscription plan will cover you from month 8 to month 20 (remember this is a 12 month contract).

If you are not in you first 12 months of operation don't worry, we have some other great plans, full of great features and very affordable legal advice – so you won’t miss out - see them here.

How do I get started?

We have a limited number of First subscription plans available, so we want to make it easy for you to get the ball rolling.

Just complete the form and we’ll quickly get back to you, so we can discuss how LawBite First will help your business thrive.