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One-off legal advice

If you would like advice on one specific matter, then you can speak with one of our expert lawyers (LawBriefs) for FREE. After your initial call, if further advice is required, your LawBrief will give you a fixed price quote at £145/hr +VAT. We aim to be half the cost or less of high-street law firms.

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Regular legal advice

If you think you will need regular legal advice from our panel of experts, you can get discounted legal advice rates by signing up to one of our pricing plans. The plans start at £19.50/month +VAT and are tailored to suit the needs of your business. A free 1-week trial is available for our Access plan entitling you to a legal advice rate of £130/hr +VAT. Call us today for a free assessment or browse our plans below.

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Legal Documents and Contracts

The free 1-week trial of LawBite Access allows you to download 3 document templates of your choice for FREE. To get access to all of our legal document templates and the tools to edit, share and e-sign them, you can sign up to Access for £19.50/month +VAT.

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Contract reviews

For peace of mind, our lawyers can review your documents quickly for as little as £149+VAT (up to 20 pages). Longer contracts will be quoted on request.

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Resolving a dispute

Whether you are bringing or defending a legal claim or exploring Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Services, it’s free to speak with one of our legal experts. Call us on 020 7148 1066 or enter an enquiry so we can set up a consultation for you today.

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Other pricing

Prices for specialist areas such as tax, litigation, trade mark and patent work are available on request. Please enter an enquiry to discuss these with a lawyer.

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Our plans

  • 2 x Free Lawyer consultations
  • Free health check tool & report
  • LawBite Client-Lawyer Messaging App for iOS/Android
  • Free guides, content and tips for your business
£19.50 per month
  • Unlimited access to LawBite's full range of contracts, agreements and guides
  • Editing, Collaboration & e-Signing Tools
  • Unlimited 15 min lawyer calls
    (on separate matters)
  • £15/hr off standard legal advice rates
£99 per month
  • 9 hours legal advice credit to use over 12 months
  • £20/hr off standard legal advice rates for additional hours
  • Lead lawyer contact who understands your business
  • All benefits of LawBite Access
£395 per month
  • 42 hours legal advice credit to use over 12 months
  • £25/hr off standard legal advice rates for additional hours
  • Monthly lawyer catch-up call & 3 site visits*
  • All benefits of LawBite Growth