Andrew Naylor



Qualifying at a Magic Circle firm, Andrew Naylor has spent time working in banks and commerce and industry which has given him an insight into the everyday challenges faced by companies in all stages of their growth and development.
Most of his career has been working on international infrastructure projects particularly in Africa; a water treatment plant in Sudan, a floating storage and LNG regassification unit in Benin, an undersea gas pipeline between Ghana and Nigeria, a rail tunnel under the English Channel and palm oil plantations in Indonesia to name but a few. All of these projects have been financed with World Bank and other multilateral and bilateral development finance institutions whose working practices he knows very well. He has also worked with the equity providers arranging credit enhancement for offtakers and the taking of security over project assets and with EPC contractors to ensure their contracts are bankable.
Apart form the project work, he has also set up and managed an advisory boutique structuring and raising finance for infrastructure projects and also a specialist fund providing equity investments for infrastructure projects in challenging places.

Why he likes working with SMEs (in his own words):

"SME’s have vision and motivation but sometimes lack the hands on legal and commercial experience that will make them flourish and grow to the next stage of development. Working with SME’s, you become so much more than just a lawyer because often they come to count on you for so much more than legal advice allowing you to become a sounding board and all round business advisor and be part of the overall growth and success of the business."


A first degree in philosophy from the University of Plymouth followed by the College of Law for the Common Professional Examination followed by the Solicitors’ Final Examination and two years training at a Magic Circle firm.


Apart from financing the Channel Tunnel, he managed to get a Dutch national arrested and imprisoned in Morocco on an Interpol arrest warrant, released from prison.

Other Interests

He plays tennis and golf and rides a horse if he can find one.


He lived in France for 20 years so speaks fluent French and reasonable German thanks to his Austrian mother. He can negotiate and draft in French and has a reasonable understanding of civil law and its procedures.