Casual Staff Agreement

*Updated for GDPR*This document is for when you want to engage a worker on a zero hours contract, to work as and when you need them to. It can be used to cover fluctuations in your business or when you start up or for any other reason, you do not know how many people you will need to work for you at any particular time. The agreement sets out how you offer work to the worker and what terms apply each time that they agree to work for you. The worker can turn down the work that you offer and you have no obligations to each other between each period of work. Since May 2015, you cannot prevent a casual or zero hours worker from working for other employers. The agreement is drafted so that the worker is not intended to be an employee. However they will be what is called a ‘worker’ in employment legislation. This means that they have some protection each time they work including the right to the national minimum wage and to paid holiday, but not to the higher level of protection that applies to employees only, such as unfair dismissal. But if a person works regularly for you, with time they may become an employee; the actual situation is as important as the contract, so review your worker arrangements regularly. See our Step by Step walkthrough for full guidance notes to help you complete this document on your own.

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