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Relying solely on the Articles of Association to avoid any potential disagreement is a somewhat precarious position.
A company’s articles do set out the boundaries between Directors and Shareholders, but they do little to handle any fallout if these rules are broken and a dispute can occur. For this reason, a Shareholders Agreement can provide more complete protection for Shareholders and Directors, who might otherwise find themselves at a serious disadvantage if internal conflict breaks out. 
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How to draft a Shareholders Agreement?

A Shareholders Agreement addresses matters involving the management of the company and the relationship with its shareholders in a way that differs from those covered by Model Articles – the standard articles of association that automatically apply to a company if the founders do not file any other bespoke set of articles.
 So, what should a Shareholders Agreement include? The document usually covers;

  • Binding terms
  • Accounting, business plan and information rights
  • Matters requiring the consent of all the shareholders
  • Transfer of shares
  • Confidentiality and announcements
  • Transferring rights
  • Shareholder obligations
  • Notices
  • Governing law and jurisdiction

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