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Document Name: Data Sharing Agreement

document type Jurisdiction UK

When should this Data Sharing Agreement be used?

This document is to be used in circumstances where a data controller shares personal data with another data controller in the UK. Examples of data sharing arrangements include, but are not limited to, access to a database of contacts or sharing data as part of a collaboration in research.

If one party is acting as the other party’s data processor, then the template Data Processor Agreement should be used instead. Determining whether the transfer of, or access to, personal data between parties constitutes a controller-to-controller relationship or a controller-to-processor relationship can sometimes be tricky. Please do not hesitate to contact LawBite for further assistance regarding which template agreement, or whether a more bespoke agreement, is suitable.

What is contained in this Data Sharing Agreement?

This document covers the parties’ data protection obligations, including the adoption of appropriate security measures and safeguards, data notification obligations, sub-contracting, compliance warranties, indemnities, liability, confidentiality, duration and termination.

It does not cover the commercial aspects of any particular deal between the parties, for example pricing, service warranties and ownership of rights. Therefore, this document is best utilised as a supplement to a wider agreement between the parties which does address those commercial aspects.

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