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What is a Manufacturing Agreement?

A Manufacturing Agreement is the key document that sets out the terms of the contractual relationship between a manufacturer and customer.  It is useful for agreeing vital terms regarding the manufacturing process and allows the customer to release key information, technology and equipment to the manufacturer to enable the production to begin.

When should a Manufacturing Agreement be used?

A Manufacturing Agreement should be used in situations whereby the parties require contractual certainty on important aspects in order to mobilise the tooling and manufacturing process. 

A Manufacturing Agreement is particularly attractive to the parties in contracts with high value or large production runs, and / or where the manufacturing arrangements are complex or require specialist manufacturing knowledge and expertise. 

What is contained in this Manufacturing Agreement?

This Manufacturing Agreement includes the necessary clauses to cover off the key contractual areas that are relevant to the parties.

Some of these areas are as follows:

  • Parties Obligations
  • Technology
  • Equipment
  • Samples
  • Contract Management
  • Supply of Products
  • Ordering and Delivery
  • Quality Control
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Pricing and Payment
  • Insurance
  • Product Improvements

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