Supply of IT Services for Businesses

This is an agreement to cover you supplying IT (Information Technology) services to another business

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Document drafted by:

Rafiya Shaikh LawBrief

Rafiya Shaikh has varied business experience with commercial issues from different perspectives. She has been employed within a leading University, where she negotiated, drafted and reviewed a wide range of contracts, including Intellectual property, Confidentiality, Collaboration Agreements, Funding Agreements and other types of contracts as part of the Academic research and function of the University.

She has, for a number of years, been involved in the operation of a franchise business with multiple retail stores and as a voluntary advisor to a mental health and disability related voluntary project. She has as such had exposure to business compliance, tender applications/bids and general operational legal matters. She has worked within a residential conveyancing business, providing residential property transaction services to clients.

Rafiya has a passion for delivering bespoke advice. She considers understanding the mechanics of a client’s business as imperative to providing optimum guidance.

Additional qualifications:

  • Solicitor (England and Wales) 2005
  • Diploma in Legal Practice, College of Law (London) 2002
  • Law (LLB), De Mont Fort University 2001

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