Internship Contract Template

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This document is for when you want to take on an intern, who is doing work experience with you but is not paid. You don’t want to create a legally binding relationship with the intern, which could give them rights as a worker or employee entitled to be paid the national minimum wage, to get paid holiday and even protection from unfair dismissal. Therefore, intern agreements use terms such as hopes and expectations, rather than the intern having to do anything. However, it is useful to set out in writing the understanding between you and the intern at the beginning of the internship. Just because you have a written agreement with an intern doesn’t mean there is an employment relationship, but you should review the relationship regularly to make sure that things have not changed with time. An internship is form of work experience that allows a person to spend time in your business learning directly about working life and the working environment. Interns may get the chance to try their hand at particular tasks or it may just be to watch and learn. You should be careful that you do not give responsibilities and duties to the intern that may mean that they are a worker and entitled to the minimum wage and paid holiday. You should not promise rewards or future employment to the intern as this may give them rights as a worker. See our Step by Step walkthrough for full guidance notes to help you complete this document on your own.


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Step-by-step guide

Let’s walk you through how to go about drafting an Intern Agreement, something you should have if you take on interns. An intern is not intended to be a worker or an employee, and does not get paid for their time. You can cover their actual expenses only.

Follow these simple steps to put your agreement into writing…

First thing’s first, enter the relevant details of your business and the intern.

1. This sets out when the internship will start and finish, where the intern will be based and how much time you are hoping that the intern will give you (but it must be flexible and the intern does not have to work these hours).

2. You should give the intern any information and training that they need but it must relate to the internship.

3. Tell the intern who to contact if they have concerns or issues about their internship.

4. You can pay the intern for their out of out-of-pocket expenses only. These must be as a result of the internship and the intern must provide receipts. If you make payments over and above the intern’s actual expenses, this may be considered as pay and suggest that the intern is in fact a worker or employee.

5. The intern should be covered by your normal public or employer’s liability insurance.

6. You can include a section about confidentiality – make it clear what is expected in relation to confidential information.

Also interns have rights to know what you are going to do with information that you have about them. Make sure you tell them and get their consent to do those things.

7. You should explain what the intern should do with your property when they stop be an intern with you.

8. Almost done now. You should ask them to give you as much notice as possible when they stop being an intern but there is no obligation on them to.

9. And this is where you get the option to try out fantastic e-signing feature at no extra charge and get the agreement signed in minutes.

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Louise Paull is an experienced employment lawyer providing clients with commercial, practical advice on a full range of employment-related matters.

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Louise qualified in 1999 with City firm King and Wood Mallesons SJ Berwin as an employment associate and most recently worked for Berwin Leighton Paisner in its employment team. She spent time on secondment with IMG, a major international sport and artist management business, as its sole in-house employment lawyer, and has worked for BT in its in-house legal team.

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