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Resolve a Dispute

Bring or defend a claim

Disputes can arise across your business. Here are a list of claims that you may want to pursue or defend, whether prior to litigation or in the courts.

  • Contractual claims [against you or one of your clients/suppliers]
  • Employment [e.g. unfair dismissal, tribunals]
  • Property claims [against lessors or tenants]
  • Defamation claims [against people attacking your reputation]
  • Regulatory [against official bodies]
  • Intellectual Property [e.g. in relation to copyright, trade marks and patents]
  • Debts [e.g. debt recovery or to dispute a debt claim against you]
  • Insolvency claims [against debtors or creditors]
  • Professional negligence claims [e.g. in relation to inadequate delivery of services]
  • Statutory claims [e.g. in relation to inadequate delivery of services]
  • Corporate disputes [e.g. concerning shareholdings or shareholders]

How can lawyers help?

The Expert LawBriefs Lawyers can provide you with all the business legal advice and documents you need to deal with your dispute. Including advice on any legal process in the courts (including the cost) and helping to find a barrister.

Call us on

020 7148 1066

or complete the form to set up your free consultation.

How much does it cost?

It's free to speak with one of the Dispute Resolution Specialists available through our Platform. Call us or enter an enquiry so we can set up a free consultation for you. We will assess your situation and present options to take your matter forward.

Got a dispute under the value of £1,000?

Please note that for disputes, it is unlikely that the Dispute Resolution Specialist will be able to review all documentation and information relating to a situation within an initial 15 minute consultation period. If you are looking for direction on the strength of your case, there will usually be a fee associated with this service (and any follow up steps, e.g. letter drafting, referral to mediation or arbitration). For disputes with a value of £1,000 or less, we facilitate through the Platform a cost-effective telephone mediation service which costs £125 plus VAT per party and has a 75% success rate. For more information complete the enquiry form or email [email protected]

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